How to Clean Piercing Jewelry


The average American spends around $62.12 on jewelry every year, which shows we’re passionate about our accessories.

Although it’s easy to overlook, regularly maintaining your pieces is crucial as it keeps them sparkling new. But with so many methods of cleaning jewelry, it can feel overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why you’re here and you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to clean piercing jewelry.  

Wash Your Hands 

The first step in our jewelry cleaning guide is to properly wash your hands. Get in the habit of doing this anytime you touch your accessories as you could transfer bacteria to the piercing site. You can either use an antibacterial wipe or wash your hands with soap before drying with a towel.   

Soak Jewelry

One of the top jewelry cleaning tips is soaking your favorite pieces. An effective method is mixing hot water with antibacterial soap before dropping it in your jewelry for three minutes. Note, you can do this regularly as it won’t damage the metal and extends its lifespan. 

You can also try this with saline solution, which is a mix of water and salt. While you’re buying designer jewelry online, buy this in a bottle so you can spray it over the jewelry, rather than soaking it. 

Further, if you want to clean oral pieces, soak them in alcohol-free mouthwash so it doesn’t taste soapy when you replace them.  

Scrub With a Brush or Q-Tip

In the next step of the jewelry cleaning process, remove the jewelry from the bowl and grab a brush or q-tip. This will help you tackle any stubborn grime, a lifesaver if your jewelry has an intricate design. Or if you don’t have those, a clean toothbrush will work wonders.   

Rinse With Hot Water 

Once you’ve finished cleaning piercing jewelry, rinse each one under hot water. Rinsing will remove any soap residue from the pieces before putting them back in. If not, the soap could potentially irritate your skin. 

Dry Jewelry Before Replacing It

Regardless of how excited you are about donning your clean piercing jewelry, give it time to dry. You can either grab a paper towel or gauze and place it atop to air dry. Or, if you’re in a rush, pat the jewelry dry until there’s no sign of moisture.  

Also, to be safe, clean the piercing site to ensure it’s clean. You can either rub it with saline solution or dab a mixture of water with antibacterial soap for the best results.  

How to Clean Piercing Jewelry

Hopefully, you know how to clean piercing jewelry. 

Although there aren’t specific rules for cleaning your jewelry, it’s good practice to wash your hands and soak the jewelry as it’s the most effective method. You can choose between antibacterial soap or saline solution and tackle hard-to-reach places with a brush. And you mustn’t forget to thoroughly rinse and dry before replacing it.

Good luck! 

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