How to Destroy the Immigration Agency Fraud? 


You may wonder how immigration agency fraud is possible. It involves immigration consultant Brisbane who offer services to people wanting to immigrate but don’t provide them with the correct advice and information they need. This can cause a person being denied their visa or not even applying for one because of bad advice from an immigration consultant. This blog post will discuss what immigration agency fraud is and how you can protect yourself from it. 

How Immigration Agency Do Fraud? 

The Australian immigration system is a confusing and challenging process. Suppose you have ever been outside an Australian embassy. In that case, it’s no surprise that your mind still has the picture of thousands of people trying to get inside because they’re looking for help or just asking questions about their status.  

With one word, “CHAOS” describes everything else happening simultaneously. Hundreds chased after me before offering themselves up on services, but assuredly providing nothing more than fake solutions. 

When prospective immigrants catch a fish, the first thing that happens is they are charged service fees. The person who catches them takes their Visa application to an agency and soon after pays around $500 to get it done quickly so he can go home with his family sooner rather than later. 

When immigrants catch a fish, they are often offered money by the people who bring them in. They will be told that everything will happen through an agency, but you are free to go once it’s done and over with! Unfortunately, most prospective candidates have little hope left, so they settle for whatever amount of cash is offered just because there seems no other option than to pay up or stay home. 

Solutions To Catch The Immigration Agent Fraud  

You need to find the cause of this problem. The main reason is that it’s all about money. Only one way can destroy those agencies; by implementing either option below for us as a society. 

Solution 1

The cost of hiring a qualified lawyer can be upwards of $3,000 for those without the means. Of course, if prospective immigrants had enough money to make this easier on themselves, then it would not have happened as they wanted, but there’s always hope. 

Solution 2

Immigrants should be fully informed about applying for immigration. They need to receive all application sets, job search database access and step-by-step videos on how it does themselves with no help required from anyone else besides themself (or maybe one friend). 

To Conclude 

The immigration consultant offers a one-stop-shop for all your needs. It’s less expensive and more convenient than going through several channels and providing some benefits over option 1, which makes it worth considering if you’re looking into applying internationally. 

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