How to Dress Like a Cowboy: 5 Effective Tips


Did you know that a cowboy’s Stetson can double up as a drinking bowl for the cowboy and their horse? It’s true! Modern cowboys might not have use for this nifty trick but the cowboys of the Wild West sure did.

This is how cowboy attire evolved over the years. Safety, necessity, cost, and durability were, and still are, factors for cowboy clothes. That’s why it’s pretty easy to learn how to dress like a cowboy because they wear a uniform of sorts.

But there’s a difference between dressing like a cowboy for Halloween and wearing authentic cowboy clothes. Don’t worry, follow these effective cowboy fashion tips to blend into any ranch or rodeo west of the Mississippi.

1. Choose the Best Cowboy Hat

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of cowboy hats. Plus, you need to consider the crown shape, color, height, brim width, material, and any accessories when you buy one.

Material is the easiest consideration because there are only two good choices: felt or straw. Felt will last longer but straw will keep you cooler in summer.

Try on as many hats as it takes to find one that suits your face shape. Visit reputable stores like Stetson or the American Hat Company for expert advice.

2. Find Perfect Leather Cowboy Boots

You can’t learn how to dress like a cowboy without finding the best cowboy shoes (or boots). Find a pair that hits the middle of your calf with a flat heel and a rounded square toe.

Choose soft leather boots that will be durable and comfortable. You can find attractive cowboy boots online at stores like Remember to wear your jeans over your boots unless you want people to know you’re new in town!

3. Wear Jeans With a Heavy Starch

You need to find the Goldilocks of jeans to dress like a cowboy. They can’t be too tight but they can’t be too loose. You can’t wear jeans that have a straight or flared bottom; they need to be bootcut. And the ideal color shouldn’t be too faded or too dark.

But if you’re serious about looking like a real cowboy, you need to starch your jeans. If you don’t know how to do this then you should visit a dry cleaner that does.

4. Throw on a Clean Button-Down Shirt

You could wear a western shirt with metal tips on the color and a floral design. But most modern cowboys opt for a simple, clean, long-sleeved, button-down shirt.

Remember to iron your shirt before you wear it. Cowboys might work in the pastures all day but they always look presentable.

5. Don’t Forget a Belt With a Buckle

The pièce de résistance of any cowboy outfit is the belt. They are non-negotiable and you should wear a real leather one with an intricate design.

Most rodeo stars will wear their belt with a trophy buckle as a symbol of their status. But there’s no shame in a simple three-piece buckle either.

That’s How To Dress Like a Cowboy and Earn Your Spurs

Knowing how to dress like a cowboy (a real cowboy) means you need to learn about all the little details. And now you know what they are, you’ll be able to blend into any honky tonk in town.

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