How to Dress Like a Cowgirl: A Style Guide

How to Dress Like a Cowgirl

In American history, the west always stood out from the rest. By the turn of the 20th century, most American women were expected to dress and act in a way that was widely deemed “ladylike.” Cowgirls like Annie Oakley, on the other hand, were paving their own path.

To this day, dressing like a cowgirl sends the message that you are tough, independent, and ready to face the great outdoors. 

More and more women are interested in finding out how to dress like a cowgirl. Cowgirl attire is timeless and a fashion must for every strong, no-nonsense woman!

Read on to learn what staples you need to give your wardrobe that western flare.

Durability and Style

The first thing worth noting is that dressing like a cowgirl doesn’t mean looking like you’ve just come straight from the barn every day of the week. There are plenty of cute outfits that belong in a cowgirl’s wardrobe! Don’t shy away from stylish floral and paisley prints that add a touch of femininity to every outfit.

No matter what pieces you select for your cowgirl attire, make sure that they’re durable. Remember, this isn’t a Halloween costume! You want to find long-lasting materials crafted into gorgeous pieces by reputable sellers.

Denim and Plaid

You can’t go wrong with denim and plaid, which you can make work all year round. You can find plaid in just about any color, but reds and blues really complete the cowgirl appearance.

In the winter, pair denim jeans w ith plaid button-downs. You can layer your button-down over a plain t-shirt or button it up and tuck it in for a neater look. On a particularly cold day, layer up even more with a down vest in a color that compliments your plaid shirt. 

In the summer, look for denim skirts and shorts that help you beat the heat! You can pair these pieces with short-sleeved plaids or add some southern charm by tying the front of your button-down just above the midriff.  

Leather and Fringe 

Leather is an important staple of the cowgirl look. There are a few different ways to incorporate leather into your cowgirl wardrobe.

The most important leather staple is the cowgirl boot. Cowgirl boots have a way of taking any outfit and giving them a western touch. You can wear a good pair of cowgirl boots with skirts, leggings, or jeans.

In addition, you may want a leather hat, leather belts, and leather wrist cuffs. You can also purchase a few pieces, like vests, that are adorned with fringe (typically made of, you guessed it, leather). 

Go Bold and Learn How to Dress Like a Cowgirl

Do you want to embrace the wild femininity of the west? Do you want your wardrobe to show your independence and bravery? Learning how to dress like a cowgirl is a great way to master both style and expression.

If fashion is your game, we’re here to play. Take a look at our fashion section and stay up to date on every trend!

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