How to Earn Money Whilst Traveling In an RV

Traveling In An Rv


It’s a common question when we look at people who seem to travel the world, yet be able to sustain their lifestyle –– how is this financially possible? Are they born rich, or do they have an insane amount of money saved up at their disposal? How long must I continue working my 9-5 job before I can do the same?

Not everyone is satisfied with a desk job, and many people dream of traveling from place to place without a care in the world. Unfortunately, financial constraints usually bring this desire to a halt. However, what if we told you that you can earn get by through making money renting your rv? Here are the 15 ways that people can fulfill their dreams of traveling while working. For more additional ideas on travel business check out

At A Campground

Since you’re traveling in an RV, you’re bound to find yourself stopping for a break in many campgrounds. Contrary to popular belief, camping is a seasoned long-term profession for many people.

Campgrounds are in constant need of help for many things, so you’re always welcome to help. One of the roles is to be a campground host which is suited for highly extroverted people with a penchant for leading. Of course, the jobs do not end in the night, so you might find yourself in the same place for some time.

As A Bartender

Most adults bond through a common thing: alcohol. You will find many people patronizing pubs and bars in their leisure time, and you can do the same –– for work. The pay is decent and there is always a chance to earn more through tips given by customers. Furthermore, you will always be at the coolest parties in the city that you are in.

As A Domestic Helper

If you are someone who is not afraid to get down and dirty, you can easily find a job where people request for you to clean their dishes, wash their laundries or trim their gardens. This is a popular choice because domestic helpers are always needed in every state. Plus, you can trade your labor for monetary benefits or others like temporary housing.

As A Travel Photographer

For those with an eye for photography, the path of a travel photographer is a viable option. Not only do travel photographers earn a decent wage, but it is also an avenue where people can unleash their creativity and tap into their passions. Plus, traveling would mean that there is more material for you to work with.

From Jobs On Craigslist

There are all kinds of jobs available on Craigslist, from ad-hoc to part-time jobs. It is a fairly simple application to capitalize on. All you have to do is upload your resume for the hirers’ perusal and you will be contacted should someone be interested in enlisting your assistance.

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From Renting Your RV

The hype around traveling in an RV has been ballooning and renting out your RV is a profitable option. If you are solo traveling, you can even offer to be a tour guide as an add-on service. You will still be able to explore new terrains while earning a quick buck.

From Working In A National Park

National parks experience an influx of visitors during certain seasons, typically summer. So, if you are passing by one while on your trip, you can drop by to check if they require any helping hands. Normally, they would be requiring people to help out in various ways with how big these parks are.

As A Dog Sitter Or Walker

For those who love animals, you can earn some money doing something you will love. Plus, it is one of the more flexible jobs on this list as it can be done at any time and anywhere around the country. The rate is also dependent on you. So, you choose how much you make.

As A Food or Parcel Delivery Personnel

Since you are already always on the move in an RV, why not make use of it and work as a food delivery person that also travels around? Food is a constant fuel source for humans so you will not need to worry about the lack of jobs.

Just like food, people are always clicking away on online shopping sites like Amazon. This means that there will always be packages in transit waiting to be picked up and delivered to people’s homes. Here is where you fit the bill and earn the bill.

As A Travelling YouTuber

If there is one thing that will always remain relevant, it is YouTube videos. If you notice, there are many travel videos with considerable views. This is because travel videos are both informative and entertaining. Viewers can learn from these videos as well as escape from their reality for a moment. So, you can earn a decent amount on Youtube.

As A Travelling Writer

The lifestyle of a full-time RV owner is something unique and can be an exciting experience. Since it is something that many people aren’t familiar with, why not write about it? We encourage you to pen down your experiences through eBooks or Wattpad, or even write up a novel on how it is living day-to-day in a van. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some writing skills.

Furthermore, as a traveler, you will never tire of content as every single day brings about a new adventure. By documenting them and making an interesting story out of it, you could write a bestseller that rakes in the profits.

As A Travelling Podcaster

By now, you should notice the pattern that people are always interested in stories, especially ones that involve traveling. Different people demand the stories be told in different manners. You can also earn money by recounting your own travel experiences on your podcast channels. One example of a popular platform is Spotify!

As A Virtual Assistant

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, tech-savvy people are high in demand, especially by corporate executives who require assistance to deal with technology. They would normally be open to hiring remote assistants.

As An Online Teacher

By now, learning through online portals like Zoom is no novel idea. We have been so accustomed to it that it has now become a way for travelers to earn money on the go. You could easily specialize in teaching languages or any other expertise that you might possess.


Thus, there are many ways that one can earn money as they travel around the country, you just have to find the right one.

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