How to Find a Surrogate Mother? Important Steps for Intended Parents

How To Find A Surrogate Mother

Couple who wishes to carry out surrogacy must use a surrogate mother to conceive a child. Behind this truism, however, hides big dilemmas for American intended parents. That of finding the woman with whom you will be able to fulfill your desire to become parents!

Responding to the needs of our parents in the Circle program

Circle Surrogacy has a lot of experience supporting all types of expectant parents and we know their needs. Our dedicated introductions team will take care to not only introduce you to a young woman who meets your needs related to your legal background, but also with whom you will form an intense personal and emotional bond.

We will help you deal with jet lag and the language barrier so that you can communicate with your surrogate regularly, but firstly it is important to know how to find a surrogate mother. When the parents and the surrogate mothers do not live in the same time zone, it is useful to fix a day of the week in advance for your skype or WhatsApp conversations. From experience and considering the distance, nothing better than a video call to be able to build a relationship as important as the one you will gradually weave with your surrogate mother.

Build a lasting and strong relationship with your surrogate

At Circle, we believe that nurturing good relationships between future parents and surrogate mothers leads to easier and more successful journeys. Regular communication also helps parents feel comfortable with the surrogate and fully involved in the process and the pregnancy. Having a connection with your surrogate also helps you to be able to explain to your child his origins and the story of his coming into the world, and it gives him the chance to know the woman who helped start your family.

Because building your relationship with the surrogate is so important, we advocate weekly contact between parents and surrogates, via Skype or video call. We also have a lot of parents who obviously use WhatsApp, an application that allows us to communicate regularly with foreign countries and to send photos.

Women who wish to become surrogate mothers with Circle must undergo a process of thorough evaluations. Circle follows very strict guidelines to determine if a woman can enter a surrogacy program. Each month, we only accept 1-2% of women who start applying.

1. Application: Women must complete an initial detailed application file. If their responses meet our initial criteria, we send them a request for additional information, including medical records and obstetrical reports from their previous pregnancies.

2. A complete evaluation process: Candidates for the role of surrogate mother have a 2h-2h30 interview with a social worker during which they are asked about their motivations for engaging in surrogacy, their personal relationships, their circle of support and their expectations for the course. Circle also organizes a candidate support person assessment to ensure that the candidate will have stable support throughout the journey.

3. Psychological examination: Each candidate undergoes a psychological examination so that we can draw up a report of personality and psychopathology.

Once the candidate has passed all these steps, she is ready to sign a letter of commitment and be introduced to the future parents. For detail guide please check

Why hiring the surrogate mother in an agency is profitable?

In most countries of the world (Spain, Germany, England, Italy), surrogate mothers cannot accept money for their services, and such advertising is generally prohibited. It turns out that an infertile couple must find a woman who will agree to carry the child free among her friends. The experience of our customers shows that this is almost unreal. In Ukraine, commercial surrogacy is permitted at the legislative level; therefore, specialized agencies work legally. VittoriaVita independently seeks women who are willing to become gestational surrogates and assist infertile couples. The agency examines them and organizes an IVF procedure. Later, our doctors follow the pregnancy and monitor the health of the surrogate mother.

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