How to Make Your Office Space Ready for the Hybrid Working Environment

Office Space Ready for the Hybrid Working Environment

With hybrid working on the rise, organizations need to rethink the purpose of the office. Instead of a place of work, it is becoming a place to connect. From brainstorm sessions to lunch with colleagues, the focus is more on the connection than the actual work. Naturally, work is still what connects it all, but the whole concept of the office is changing. To make your office ready for this change, changes are needed. In this article, we will highlight some of those changes you can make your office hybrid-work proof.

Flex working places

This has already become the standard in many office spaces, but there are still laggards that did not adopt it. Flex working refers to an open office space where people can sit where they want, or can choose from a desk in a dedicated area. This fosters collaboration among team members and also inter-team, as you have a chance of meeting new people more often. This can lead to new ideas, friendships and fosters a culture of collaboration in the office.

Changes required in the office space

When it comes to adopting the office, the changes that need to be made are limited. The most important elements are the presence of screens and docking stations so employees can plug in their laptops and start working. However, it does require more effort from a behavior perspective, as people need to get used to this new environment. In the beginning, you will see people stick to their dedicated desks before making a change.

Create a safe environment

A safe place is as much as a happy place. Therefore, you need to create an environment where people feel comfortable. Large open spaces are often undesirable. Having a freestanding screen to break up the spaces can help. You can place them in-between desks or certain areas. This will not only create natural divisions of the space, but the freestanding screen is also making employees feel more comfortable at the office. You create smaller areas where people can work more safely and hygienically.

Drawers to the rescue

As we have discussed flex places and a freestanding screen, it also makes sense to highlight elements that create a safe environment for employees’ belongings. One such solution is the presence of drawer units. These can be used as locations to store general office supplies, but can also be purchased with locks for additional safety. Employees can utilize them to store their belongings, and keep their stuff there during the day. For example, they are not only used for someone’s office supplies but also to store gym clothing for the morning’s workout. Glass partitions are also a good option for office interiors that make your office more attractive.

Adjustable chairs are a must

When a flex office is in place, employees should be able to easily change the chair settings to suit their needs. There are even chairs out there that can connect with a user’s account when taking a seat in a flex office. This makes the employee feel at home at any place in the office, and also improves overall productivity.

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