How to Pick a Front Door Color

Pick a Front Door Color

When prioritizing other serious features for a front door, like security, do not forget its appearance. This is the first thing your house people see, and you should do your best to create an excellent first impression.

Although you have the right to go for any color you want, you should consider one that blends well with your home’s interior or exterior. Research on the internet for the best color blends, ask friends and visit places to see other entry door designs that you can admire. Our tips will help you to choose the best exterior doors Oakville color.

  1. Do: Maintain The Classics

Neutral colors like brown, black, and grey will never disappoint even when time flies and the door ages. These colors are also suitable for a front door since they blend effortlessly with any other shade, either in the interior or exterior. If you change any part of your home, you will not have to change your front door’s color to fit in. You can also choose to stain your door with natural wood finishing instead of painting it. This gives your entry door the natural look of wood which most homeowners prefer.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

If you are an experiment type of person, then you know what trial and error mean. It is easier to paint your exterior front door to a color that blends in with the rest of the home than to change the living room’s entire look. If you paint it to a color and it turns out unexpected, you can always paint it back to another color of your choice. Isn’t it enjoyable to play with different shades anyway?

  1. Buy The Right Paint

A front door will need you to buy the best quality of paint because it is exposed to many elements like sun and rainwater. You do not want your door fading or peeling days after you have applied a new coat. Use weather-resistant paints and built-in rust protection paints for metal doors. These doors will look ugly if they rust and your paint changes color. Ensure you apply an exterior primer on the door first before you apply the paint. You can get finishes that are available in matte, semigloss, and glossy.

  1. Don’t Abandon Your Screen Door

If your exterior front door has a storm or screen door, it is easy to leave the screen one attended. Paint it the same color with the entry door or in a shade that blends well with the front entry. You can opt for a cherry pale blue to match with your window frames. If your surrounding is green, you can also choose a shade of green or stain it to resemble a wooden door.

  1. Your Home’s Style Will Help You To Make A Choice

The overall style of your home will help you choose a color for your front door. Something as simple as the surrounding can influence your color choice. You are not tied to any rules, though. You can also follow your gut.

  1. Look Around You

Which color is your gate? Are the light poles near the door painted yellow or green? Do you have more plants near the door? Choose a tone that almost resembles nature and one that can work with anything around. You can also consider the interior of your home. Using natural colors is an added advantage because it makes your home resemble one with a planned landscape.

  1. Make The Door Monochrome

This trick works well for people with a small house. Painting your door, frames, and window frames the same color makes it more attractive than working with a mixture of color shades. A monochromic theme also allows other elements in the house to pop out and become well noticed.

  1. Do Not Leave The Trim

Many people neglect the trim when coloring the door, not knowing that having a contrasting color of the trim makes your front door pop. You can choose white for the door and brown for the trim. Choosing a dark trim maintains a pop of the green color of the door and the surrounding.

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