Tips to Avoid Pests at Home

Avoid Pests at Home

Cockroaches scampering around the landfill, ants in single file circling to the door of your house or termites devouring that wooden furniture that you inherited from your grandmother. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? Then it is that one of these pests has made an appearance in your house. As Pest Control Service Nashville, already talked about how to know if you have a plague at home but now, to prevent you from living any of these unpleasant experiences, they give you several tips to avoid these infestations once and for all and that you can return to thus fully enjoy your home.

Thoroughly Clean Your House

You do not want to become your mother or tell you that you have to have an impeccable house, but we do insist on the importance of cleaning your home so that certain pests prefer to change their address. As you are sure that you prefer to avoid these unpleasant situations, we recommend that you clean your house thoroughly, especially those areas where there is food remains, such as the kitchen. Say goodbye to the open bar for pests!

Store Food in Airtight Containers

Food is undoubtedly one of the main targets of pests, to see who can resist the sweet aroma of a cake or the succulent taste of a good piece of bread! Not even they are capable! That is why we advise you to keep food in airtight containers, in this way you will prevent rats, mice and other types of “bugs” from accessing your food. In the event that you do not want to keep the food and prefer to throw it away, remember never to do it through the bathroom or the sink, rodents can access them through the pipes.

Always Close the Garbage Bags

Always deposit the garbage in bags that are tightly closed and check that the bins also have the lid closed. We assure you that you will avoid taking many scares.

Beware of the Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units tend to create a fairly humid environment that attracts termites mostly. If you do not want this pest to settle in your house, make sure that this moisture is well away from the foundation of your house.

Close Doors and Windows Properly

Although it may seem obvious, properly closing the doors and windows helps (and a lot) that pests do not make their own in your home, since you are closing the easiest way of access they have to access your house. We know that it is necessary to open them to air the house, but do not leave them like that for a long time, especially if it is the basement window. Make sure it has a screen to prevent rats and mice, as well as other pests, from entering.

Repair Leaks in Pipes

Moisture caused by leaks in pipes, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home, can be a powerful source of attraction for pests such as termites. If you detect a leak, do not wait long and repair it as soon as possible, the consequences can be more serious if you delay in doing it.

Don’t Stockpile Newspapers, Magazines, or Cardboard Boxes

You know that you have carefully saved that cutout of an ideal dress that appeared in Vogue or the poster of the Spanish soccer team winning the World Cup in South Africa, but avoid accumulating stacks of newspapers or magazines on the floor or in the bottom of the cabinets because they can be prey to pests.

Wash Bedding at High Temperature

If you want to make that phrase of like in bed, nowhere come true, we recommend that you wash all your clothes (sheets, pillows, bedspreads …) at a high temperature, at least 60 degrees Celsius. In this way you will end up with a good part of the pests that could have found a perfect home among your sheets, including bed bugs.

Seal Entry Points to Your Home

Cracks, broken baseboards, electrical outlets, vents … anywhere is good for pests to enter your home, so don’t make it so easy for them. Properly seal these access points and, in the case of vents for example, install mesh grills so that the bugs do not make their own in your home.

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