How to Properly Edit Product Photos


Did you know that there are more than 200 million business profiles that post photos on Instagram? Many companies find that great product photography leads to success.

Of course, poor product photos won’t help sell products and might even hurt sales. Do you take photos of business products but struggle to make them pop?

The following guide will explain editing tips to help create marketable images like a pro! Read on to discover how you can make your products stand out from the competition with amazing photo edits.

Remove the Background

Using a background remover is one of the most popular and simple product photo-editing techniques. Removing the background from a photo helps customers concentrate on the product without getting distracted.

After the background is removed, you can also place your product image on any other background you want. It’s a great way to make unique flyers and other creative advertisements.

Get Rid of Blemishes

Always make sure your product photo is clean before using it for advertising. Remove any blemishes from your product such as scratches, dust, and fingerprints.

You can use helpful tools like the Healing Brush and clone stamp to eliminate imperfections. The healing brush works well for multiple areas and fills blemish spots with the same colors as their surroundings.

The Clone Stamp Tool lets you manually control the blemish removal by copying pixel values from one area to another. Try lowering the hardness slider of the tool to keep colors looking natural.

White Balance

You can edit a photo’s white balance to undo distortions from light conditions during the photo shoot. It helps eliminate blue traces in photos and make them white.

Also, consider correcting the color balance of your photo to match the real-life color scheme of your product. Try using the Curves Tool to accomplish the perfect color balance for your photo.

Contrast and Exposure

Changing your photo’s contrast helps brighten the light parts and darken the dark areas of the image. Using this technique helps product photos look more distinct and eye-catching.

Remember that enhancing the exposure helps create a brighter overall photo. Likewise, reducing the exposure gives a much darker look to photos.

Modifying Colors

Some devices can’t accurately capture specific colors like neon. You’ll have to modify the photo’s colors to gain some desired shades. Modifying colors also lets you get rid of washed-out colors and make your photo look more natural and beautiful.

Use basic color correction tools to make your photo look like it would in real life to the human eye. It basically corrects the hue and saturation of your photo to accomplish this.

You can also adjust the hue and saturation of your image manually for a more fine-tuned edit. Move tools’ sliders in both directions until you get the preferred hue for your product.

Ready for Improved Product Photos?

Now you know several simple techniques to upgrade your product photos and grab the attention of customers. Remember to remove distractions like backgrounds and blemishes. Adjust your colors to best represent your product and you’re all set!

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