How to Run a Marathon Without Quitting

How To Run A Marathon Without Quitting

In 2018, there were almost 1.3 million

global marathon finishers, which is a 49.43% participation growth from 2008!

Heart disease is today’s main killer, so running can be a good way to get fit and fend off heart issues. You might even be a regular jogger already, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to make the leap to running a marathon.

It might even seem like an impossible task. But with the right preparation, you can do it.

Read on to learn how to run a marathon without quitting so you can be a winner!

Start Marathon Training ASAP

Even if you feel confident about an upcoming marathon, it’s never too early to start training. The more time you give your body to adjust to long-distance running, the better it’ll be.

Start off slow and run only what you can. Slowly add to the distance every few days or week, depending on what you can handle.

Be sure you stop your last long run 3 weeks before the actual marathon. If you do any more long-running, then your muscles won’t heal in time for the big day. Decrease your running by 25% 2 weeks before, and then 50% the week before.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs itself and replenishes energy. As you might imagine, you won’t be in tip-top shape if you don’t get enough sleep.

So forget about Netflix marathons and focus on the actual marathon. Get to bed at a good time and get 8 hours a night if possible!

Eat a Good Diet

Obviously, you’ll need plenty of fuel for the marathon itself. But before the big day, you should eat a healthy diet that has plenty of complex carbohydrates. This includes rice, pasta, bread, and starchy vegetables.

You should also stay hydrated so your levels are optimal when you have to run.

Have the Right Supplies for the Big Day

Your comfort is of the utmost importance on the big day. Considering you’ll have to run for hours, some of the smallest annoyances can become huge problems.

So make sure you note what irritations occur on test runs and note down what the remedy is. For example, if you chafe, then get anti chafing products for athletes.

Keep a list going so you know exactly what to pack. This is perhaps one of the best marathon survival tips we have for you!

Pace Yourself

Don’t hit the ground running when the whistle blows; slow and steady will win the race here. Marathons are a test of your endurance, so you’ll want to conserve your energy as much as possible.

Keep running and push your limits as much as possible until walking is absolutely necessary. And even then, come up with a “walking budget”. For example, only allow yourself to walk 100 steps until you run again.

Know How to Run a Marathon Successfully

Knowing how to run a marathon and prepare for one is key to success. When you take good care of your body and pace yourself on the day, you’re sure to push through until the end.

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