How to Save Money on Private Jet Travel

How To Save Money On Private Jet Travel

Lowering the cost of private jets seems like an impossible task. After all, the privacy, comfort, and luxurious amenities are part of the reason for their expensive price tag. Fortunately, there are nine ways to enjoy the private jet lifestyle without going broke.

Shop Around

A broker may give you quotes from different jet companies. The benefit to a broker is the person’s resources and negotiating skills. The broker can negotiate the best price for you and tap into resources and a network of people to save you money.

Add your independent research. Gather quotes from several jet companies, and find out what you get for the price. Compare those to the broker’s findings to determine the best bang for your buck.

Divvy Up

If more than one person is on the same flight, split the cost. Everyone boarding the jet pays an equal share of the cost. For example, a group of three would pay the amount divided by three. That saves one person from carrying the burden of paying for everything. Sharing the cost among family is the easiest option, but you can also split the cost among co-workers and friends.

Try the No Frills Experience

The entire reason for riding a private jet is to take adv antage of the many features you don’t get on commercial flights. However, you can cut out the extra features to save money. Instead, you will get the bare minimum without the frills (gourmet meals or beverages from a kitchen, a shower, a massage, etc.). It will feel like a commercial flight with privacy.

Tap Into Your Membership

Your private jet cost decreases when you have a private jet membership. Members offer exclusive sales, perks, and deals only members enjoy. The company prioritizes you for customer service needs and offers flexible flight times and cancellations.

Pick an Affordable Jet

Categorize this into two sections. One part is the age of the airplane. The other part is the number of seats it holds. For the first part, an older aircraft is more cost-effective than a newer model. When you pick a new model, you’re paying a high cost because it’s the latest model. The older model has the same amenities and features as the new version, yet you’re paying less for those features because the plane is not new.

For the other part, choose the closest aircraft holding the number of people boarding the flight. For example, if four people are boarding the flight and the nearest jet seats six passengers, purchase the six-passenger jet.

There are also light, mid-size, and heavy jets to consider. A mid-size jet or light jet is better economically than a heavy jet. The aircraft speed is something else to consider economically.

Enjoy Empty-leg Flights

These flights are flying to a destination with no passengers aboard to meet up with a booked flight waiting for them. They may also fly back to the original airport to reposition. An empty flight exists because the passenger booked a one-way flight. You can fill the gap by riding on an empty-leg flight. Booking this flight grants you up to a 75% discount. However, it appears at the last minute, so it’s not straightforward.

Book During Off-Peak Days

Private jets have peak travel days like commercial flights. The holidays are too busy as many passengers go on vacation or visit friends and family. Sporting events and weekend trips are also responsible for peak travel. The massive demand combined with limited seats raises the price of tickets and amenities. Saving money during this time is impossible.

Buy Two One-Way or One Round-Trip Ticket?

Is it cheaper to buy one round-trip ticket or two one-way tickets? It’s cheaper to buy two one-way tickets than one round-trip ticket.

A round-trip ticket accumulates fees between the plane landing at the destination and the plane taking off again. A one-way ticket stops charging fees once the plane lands; another one-way ticket begins when the plane takes off. You can use the money you save between that time at your destination.

A private jet and saving money is not an impossible task anymore. These tips are the solutions to enjoying the best of both worlds.

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