How to Start a Brewery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Successful Business

How To Start A Brewery

Have you always dreamed of starting a brewery? 

Let’s face it, showing up to the same old office gets boring pretty quickly. When we consider that we spent one-third of our lives at work, it’s clear why doing something you’re passionate about is so important. 

If you’re wondering how to start a brewery, you’re going to want to read this. We’re sharing our guide on how to start the brewery of your dreams and bid farewell to your day job. 

1. Choose Your Name 

First things first, it’s time to settle on the name of your brewery.

Of course, you want to choose something catchy and memorable. After all, you want your customers to remember the name of your brewery and to pass it on to their friends. However, you’ll also want to choose a name that means something to you personally. 

2. Attain a Business Permit or License 

While this next part isn’t exactly exciting, it’s an essential element to starting your own brewery. 

To be recognized as an official business and be open to the public, you’ll need to apply for a business permit or a business license. Because you’ll be serving alcohol, you’ll also have to apply for a liquor license. Because you’ll be serving alcohol, you’ll also have to apply for a liquor license as well as get additional alcohol server training certifications for your staff.

With this step, you’ll want to plan in advance for the granting period to be long and complex. It’s also important to be prepared for a number of roadblocks and restrictions along the way. 

4. Lease Your Space 

Once you have the necessary permits, it’s time to find your new stomping grounds.

Most importantly, you’ll want to rent a space that permits the serving of alcohol. Before signing on the dotted line, it’s imperative that you review the local and state laws affecting breweries. Not every location will allow for the zoning that is required with opening a brewery and serving alcohol to the public. 

If you’re going to be brewing your own beer on-site, it’s also essential that you lease a space that can host your collection of brewing vats. 

5. Find Your Equipment 

Now that you have your space, it’s time to locate and purchase all of the necessary brewing equipment. 

This will be a long and exhaustive list comprising of anything from brewing vats and fermenters to hydrometers and airlocks. Depending on how you plan to host your beer, you’ll also need kegs, bottles or cans. 

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6. Hire a Team 

Now it’s time to find your brewing team!

First and foremost, you’re going to need a brewmaster. A brewmaster is a very important member of your team and will be responsible for the actual brewing of your beer. 

From here, you’ll want to consider hiring staff for positions such as bartender, waiter/waitress and marketing specialist. 

How to Start a Brewery Today 

Does the thought of going to work everyday make you feel depressed?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, a recent study found that 85% of employees aren’t engaged or satisfied with their line of work. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering how to start a brewery, this just might be the moment you’ve been waiting for. After reading our guide above, you’ll feel all the more prepared to make your dreams come true. 

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