What You Should Consider Before You Start Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Did you know that horseback riding promotes mental well-being and offers a full-body workout? It also elevates your heart rate, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Over time, it may reduce blood pressure and improve brain function.

Getting started is the hardest part. Horse riding may seem simple, but it requires total body strength and mental focus. After all, you’ll stay on top of a 1,000-pound animal!

Don’t fret, though. Like with any sport, practice is the key. Simple things, such as having a good instructor and getting properly equipped for horse riding, can make everything easier.

So, are you ready to give it a try? Here are some things to consider before you start horse riding!

Horseback Riding Benefits Your Mind and Body

As mentioned earlier, this activity has both physical and psychological benefits. It not only reduces anxiety and stress but may also improve metabolic health.

Riding a horse for just 45 minutes burns about 200 calories, depending on your age and weight. Moreover, it may lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels while building lean mass. These factors can lead to improved cardiovascular function.

Horse riding may also improve your balance and coordination. Your muscles will get stronger, too. On top of that, you’ll experience joy and excitement every time you take riding lessons.

There Are Different Styles of Horse Riding

This pastime activity can be a great way to unwind and build up your fitness, but there are some things you should know before choosing a horse riding school.

First of all, research the different styles of horseback riding so that you can choose one that meets your needs. The most popular ones are English, Western, and Group. These can be further broken down into several categories, such as:

  • Western pleasure
  • Trail riding
  • Roping events
  • Barrel racing
  • Endurance riding

The differences between these horse rid ing styles lie in their origins, types of horses, saddle design, clothing

, and more.

English riding, for example, requires smaller, lighter saddles than those used in Western riding. If you choose this style, you’ll wear a fitted jacket, shirt, knee-high boots, and hunt cap or helmet.

Western riders, by comparison, wear traditional western hats, jeans, and comfy shirts. Their attire is completed by a pair of western-style boots.

Know What to Expect During Lessons

Riding lessons can be intimidating for beginners, which is why it’s important to know what to expect.

A typical lesson takes anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and may include one-on-one training or group training. The first sessions cover things like mounting and dismounting, tacking up, and staying balanced.

Keep in mind that you cannot control a horse at your will. Focus on building a relationship with him right from the start. To do so, greet the animal by extending your arm and allowing him to smell and touch it with his nose.

Stay in tune with him at all times. Try to feel the way he is walking and let him be. If you establish a good relationship with the horse, you might be able to lease him later on. 

Make the Most Out of Your Riding Experience

Horse riding lessons can be a fantastic way to broaden your horizons. This fun yet challenging activity relaxes the mind and body while keeping you fit. Plus, it’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and escape the mundane.

If you’re not sure about it yet, browse the rest of our blog to learn about other sports and activities. From golfing to fitness and weightlifting, we’ve got you covered!

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