How to Start Selling Jewelry

How To Start Selling Jewelry

People all over the world are trying to seek out ways of changing or increasing their income. Quitting your job entirely is a daunting prospect, and many prefer to start side hustles that they can explore and expand while still having a paid job safety net. There are many that you could choose to do, but one which might appeal is selling jewelry. Selling jewelry will give you back as much as you put into it. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to start so you can decide if it’s for you.

Your Research

How much research you do before jumping in will determine how successful you will be. It should also affect the choices that you make in your side hustle. There is little point in putting effort into creating perfectly hand-crafted earrings to sell locally off a stall if customers in your area rarely go to markets and buy everything online. Your local market might prefer luxury jewels and gemstones to locally crafted produce; again, this will impact the types of items you can sell.

So, you need to decide the type of jewelry seller you want to be and use your research to determine how that will happen. If you want to sell jewelry you create, find the perfect market for it and sell to that, whether online, at a nearby town, or something you can do weekly at a market.

Your Products

From your research, you should know the types of products you can sell and to whom. From here, you should carefully find suppliers who you will be able to trust. Keeping up with stock levels is essential, as you do not want a product that isn’t selling to take up room that a more profitable item could use. Buying jewelry wholesale is an excellent way to reduce costs, but you should ensure you have a system to monitor your sales and alter your orders accordingly. You should seek feedback from your customers as much as possible so that you know what they are looking for and can aim to supply it. You might also need to consider security – how will you protect your products when they are viewed? If you intend only to have an online store with images for a customer to view, you should consider insuring your parcels for delivery.

Your Selling Methods

Selling online is a solid option, whether you’re selling your creations or other products. However, you should not consider it the easier option. You must create a compelling website and bring attention to it through local advertisements (leafleting etc.) or search engine optimization tactics to rank higher on search engine pages. As so much shopping is online now, customers expect a high quality and speedy service from any website they are on – selling from a table at a local fair will indicate a different level of service, and you will not be competing with large businesses.

If you want to expand your jewelry-selling business or at least make it successful, you should always look out for more customer leads; this is where you must put in the most work. You might be able to set up an online store with white-label products and sit back to enjoy a passive income, but you would still need to drive attention to your store. The more work you put in at the beginning, the easier it will be, but very few businesses can be left to their own devices.

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