How to Tell If a Tree Is Dying: A Basic Guide

Tree Is Dying

While trees are beautiful and can enrich your life, they are also living things that will eventually die. As sad as it is to see a dead or dying tree, it’s essential to know when this is happening so you can take the precautions to remove the tree and avoid damage to your property. 

However,  it can be difficult to determine the exact condition of a tree. Fortunately, there are a few signs you can use to determine if your tree has reached the end of its life.  If you are wondering how to tell if a tree is dying, this short and simple guide is for you. Call Riverside arborists to help you.

Pest Infestation

One of the common signs of a tree dying is a pest infestation. You may notice withered leaves, sticky sap, or a coating of mold. If you notice signs of a pest infestation, consider looking for the cheapest tree removal service in your area. 

Brittle and Falling Bark

A great tip for how to tell if a tree is dead is to check the bark. If there are smooth places on the tree, that means the bark has fallen off and is not growing back, usually because of a disease. If the bark is brittle, your tree also might be dying. For expert tree services you can count on arborist.

Broken Branches

One of the signs a tree is dying is many broken branches. When the branches are diseased, they will fall off the tree, indicating a health problem. While some trees naturally shed their branches, abnormal shedding is a sign the tree is dying.  If you are looking for tree experts then Tree Trimming Santa Ana, Ca

is the right choice for you.

Slimy Roots

Have you ever noticed slimy roots on your tree? If so, it’s a sign your tree is dying. Slimy roots are a sign of a bacterial infection that is slowly killing your tree. 


If you notice mushrooms growing on your tree, your tree is likely dying. Mushroom growth is a sign your tree has been infected with a rot-inducing pathogen. If you see these mushrooms and are wondering, is my tree dying, the answer is yes. 


While some trees reach and stretch their branches, a tree that is leaning is likely dying. Leaning is a sign of root damage. If you notice leaning, get help right away, as it is also a sign your tree is going to fall. 

Sudden Loss of Leaves

While leaf loss is normal for many trees, if you notice a sudden and excessive leaf loss, your tree is likely dying. This can be a sign your tree is stressed and not getting enough moisture from the soil. Your tree may also be dying if the leaves don’t drop but are withered and discolored. 

This Is How to Tell If a Tree Is Dying

By using these tips for how to tell if a tree is dying, you can remove or replace your tree when it’s time.  Some of the signs of a dying tree are pest infestations, brittle and falling bark, or slimy roots. You may also notice mushrooms growing, leaning, or a sudden loss of leaves. If you notice any of these tips, contact a tree professional who is familiar with ash injections Omaha immediately for an inspection.

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