5 Things to Know About Data Centers in the UK

Data Centers in the UK

Businesses worldwide rely on data centers to run their operations reliably, and to host their data securely.

With so many choices out there, how can you select the best colocation provider for your needs? Here we guide you through the top five factors to consider when looking at data centers in the United Kingdom. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Top Power

Modern data centers measure power density at the server rack level, as opposed to measuring wattage per square foot. To give you an idea, high-performing sites should be around 20 kW per rack. 

VIRTUS Data Centre, in London, for example, features cutting-edge cooling technology to optimize server cooling while maintaining exceptional power. 

2. Maximize Interconnection

The ability to reach people all over the world requires a globally interconnected data center. Choosing a site that combines leading-edge infrastructure with the delivery of stellar customer service is paramount to achieving international success. For top interconnection, you should look at London.

London is not just the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s also the city with the highest concentration of data centers in the whole world. Equinix, situated in London, is one of the most interconnected data centers in the world, providing your business with the ability to reach everyone, everywhere, every time.

3. Leading-Edge Scalability

What would a data center be without the capability to help future-proof your business? Yes, we’re talking scalability.

To choose the right data center, you need to think ahead. Don’t just focus on what you need right now, but try to picture what your business will look like in the next few years. Will you be introducing new technology? Adding more power? Hosting more customer data? All of this needs to go into your final decision.

4. Rural vs Urban

Location is also key, with current trends showing an increase in businesses that prefer data centers close to metropolitan areas.

In the case of the UK, this means cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool, to name a few. GTP 3 Data Centre, for example, is not far from the centre of Birmingham and boasts a size of almost 4,000 sqft. 

5. Value for Money

Among our tips for choosing a data center, we couldn’t avoid mentioning the money factor. Once you’ve looked at the main selection criteria such as scalability and power, you also want to keep an eye on your budget.

Choosing the right data center for your specific business means making a sustainable investment in the technology that will support your company in the long run.

Are you happy with a cheaper data center that might charge you for add-on services, an option that many UK data centers offer? Or do you prefer to pay a bit more upfront, without incurring any extra fees long-term? The choice is entirely yours. 

The Best Data Centers in the UK

Now that we’ve given you an overview of what great data centers in the UK should look like, you can go ahead and make an informed choice that works for you.

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