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Malas can be used in many ways, not just for religious purposes, they can be used for fashion or for prayer and meditation. But above all no matter the cult it can be used for their energy benefits.

What is a mala?

The mala can be considered as a rosary. Wearing a multi-turn bracelet or a necklace, the mala is a prayer and japa meditation bracelet which has been worn for thousands of years by the faithful Buddhists, Hindus or people in search of spirituality. It generally consists of 108 wooden, grain or stone beads, and one larger or different from the others at the end of the Mala (called Meru, in reference to the Sacred Mount of Meru, which would be the mount of the universe).

The history of the Mala:

Created in India over 3000 years ago, the mala has its roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, meditation and yoga. The term Mala is a word in Sanskrit language of Hindu and Buddhist religious texts which means garland of meditation. Originally, the malas were mainly used for a special style of meditation called Japa which means to recite. This is why the mala are sometimes called Japa mala. It is also commonly called: Buddhist bracelet, Tibetan bracelet, Chinese bracelet or lucky necklace. During your meditation sessions, you must repeat a mantra 108 times, using your malas made from wood and gemstone beads to help you count. A mantra is a word or it’s repeated during meditation to help you focus. In more simplified terms, a mantra is the condensed formula of a prayer. As an example, one of the most well-known mantras is the Tibetan Mantra of Great Compassion which can be translated. Hi to you, O hidden gem in the lotus. Most malas are composed of 108 pearls, but nowadays, there are much shorter Buddhist bracelets, and composed of 10-20 pearls maximum.

How to use a mala?

Malas can be used in different ways, not just for religious purposes.

Nowadays, the mala is more and more used in fashion, as an accessory or jewelry. It can also be used for reciting prayers (regardless of worship) and meditation. In the practice of meditation, the mala can be used as a counter. Like a simple ros ary, it can objectively mark the duration of each session. When reciting prayers or mantras, each repetition will be associated with a pearl, allowing you to count exactly the number of times you repeat your mantra or prayer. When you reach the Meru (pearl different from the others), this indicates that the mala’s turn is over. They are also widely used in natural medicine. Against the digestion problems, the bad back, the joint pain, the anguish, the colds recurring, etc. And treat chronic pain in general (physical and mental).


These discomforts are all linked and all have one thing in common. They are generally due to regular and unavoidable stressful situations which we often do not even realize . Which tends to cause an energy imbalance between our organs, which are no longer in adequacy and leads to these discomforts. Besides the discomfort and the  drop in performance , in your  physical ,  professional ,  relational and  emotional activities . Over time and / or with age these energy imbalances can often lead to cancer, diabetes, heart problems, etc.


To restore your energy adequacy and to protect yourself from the disadvantages of our society, pollution, lack of time, etc. It is not enough to wear a mala. The choice of stones is an important first dimension; we recommend the combination of a cold stone and a hot stone to balance the energies of the mala. For example the eye of the tiger and the lava stone, the eye of the tiger is a cold stone. Specialists in therapy agree that it regulates the pancreatic glands and the pituitary gland and boosts metabolism. It therefore helps   stabilize hypertension, regenerate tissue, reduces mental fatigue, reduce warts. It helps to digest better, to fight against diarrhea or colic of emotional origin. It reduces blood pressure, balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

The lava stone is a hot stone. It conserves and diffuses heat in a gentle and balanced way to the organs. It is not uncommon for it to be used by athletes to relax muscles and relieve tension of all kinds, whether muscular or nervous. Lava stone also has virtues of revitalization and strengthening of the functions of the organism thanks to its mineralogical properties. In addition, these two stones are recharged and purified in the same way, you just need to immerse them in demineralized water, put your bowl in the sun and wait a few hours. If you have experienced a period of emotional upheaval, add a touch of salt.

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