Love the Planet You Live:


Love the Planet You Live: Ways to Reduce Plasticity in Your Life

Every plastic product, even if discarded, has never left, most of them still exist somewhere on this planet. You and I will not be able to make them disappear for centuries. Start with yourself and practice following ways to reduce plasticity, and bring some help to this difficult environmental problem!

Looking at the lives of modern people, to completely avoid the use of plastics, many people will immediately report that it is difficult. This is the time to rethink their convenience degree of obsession! Most disposable plastic products are not a necessity, but they have a convenient name, which makes people addicted to plastic. For you and our only planet, from now on, priority will be given to environmentally friendly items like available at Green New Deal Official.

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Always remember to bring a reusable bag

Most people have several reusable bags, and the most important obstacle to overcome is memory. Some easy ways to solve your forgetting problem, such as putting a reusable bag in the most prominent place near your door, or any carry bag you use most often. If you still unfortunately forget to carry it, turn off the Auto Accept Plastic Bag switch and see if you can find alternatives around you. Don’t underestimate your own potential, usually you and I can easily find a way to hold these items.

Once you have successfully developed the habit of carrying personal shopping bags, you can consider moving on to the next challenge: convince your friends and relatives around you, and even more, expand your neighborhood to no plastic bags!

Carry reusable water bottles

Bottled water companies have tried their best to convince consumers to buy their products. As a smart consumer, you must know that plastic containers filter out toxins. During transportation, they are more likely to release toxic substances due to sunlight or high temperature. A healthier and friendlier way to do this is to bring a personal reusable water bottle. Choosing a favorite water bottle will also make you want to use it more often. You can fill your water bottle at home, in an office, a gym, and more. If you explain these environmental reasons, I believe that the majority of managers in these places will feel reasonable and agree to let you refill water bottles.

The best choice is stainless steel or glass, which is easy to clean, and does not produce toxins in drinks containing acid and high temperature.

Bring your own cup

In the busy Tea time, many people like to choose to take a cup of tea or coffee and take a short break before moving on to the next step. However, the explosive increase in sales of takeaway hot drinks has serious consequences for the environment. Shouldn’t paper cups be more environmentally friendly? This is really not the case. In order to effectively contain these high-temperature liquids, a thin layer of polyethylene plastic (yes, plastic) is coated in the cup. This layer of plastic is difficult to separate from the paper cup, which increases the difficulty of recycling and increases the cost of recycling. Even if it is recycled, this layer of plastic must be removed by special equipment, but there are only few recycling facilities in the world that have special equipment to remove this layer of plastic!

This one -time cup is a composite material, recycling is not easy, because re-use is not high purity, not benefit. Finally, discarded paper cups can only go to landfills, or enter the water system and the sea, becoming a source of plastic pollution. More and more environmentally conscious businesses are offering discounts to consumers who use eco-cups. More advanced people will make a hot drink for themselves before going out, saving the cost of a drink. Take care of the environment and save your pocketbook.

Pack your meals in reusable containers

Take a bento box, from lunch boxes, disposable chopsticks, plastic bags to rubber bands, all disposable packaging and utensils. For a zero waste lunch, you may do this: use stainless steel lunch boxes and snack boxes, stainless steel food thermos bottles, and reusable natural beeswax wrap.

Say No to disposable plastic straws and cutlery!

According to the results of USA’s clean beach statistics in 2019, drinking straws and disposable tableware are on the list, and are among the top five marine plastic pollutants. I believe you have watched videos on the Internet where sea turtles were injured by plastic straws in their nostrils. Rescue workers plucked straws from the nostrils of turtles that were seeping blood. This scene made tens of millions of viewers feel heartache. The encounter of this turtle is just a microcosm of many wild animals suffering from plastic pollution of the ocean. It must be said painfully that in their situation, no one of you or me can stay aside.

Maybe you have already practiced quickly saying to the merchant, I don’t need a straw, thank you. If you have to use a straw, choose a reusable stainless steel or glass straw.

Store the remaining ingredients in glass bottles

The use of plastic containers for food storage, especially if the food itself is acidic, hot or needs to be frozen, will increase the risk of plastic toxins penetrating the food. Storing food in glass containers is a very safe option. Give yourself a new life of jars of various sizes, shapes and capacities. Maybe you will soon find out which glass jar is best for your needs.

Share these tricks to reduce life with your friends

Reducing the use of plastic products is, to a certain extent, an innovation in life attitude. These plastic reduction tricks are worth sharing with your family and friends around you and inspire ideas, inspire others to join plastic reduction, and take the first step in a plastic-free life.

You and I have only one life, and only one earth. Do our best to make the most of our strength and wisdom, and make this world have a positive and good impact. It’s better to act than to start your own plasticizing life with an innovative spirit!

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