How Would Your Life be Different without the Internet?

How Would Your Life be Different without the Internet?

It is a random Sunday morning. The cool breeze just lightly knocks on your frosty window and you wake up to the sounds of brilliantly painted birds. You open the window and exhale in the fresh air, your soul instantly rejuvenates and you feel the urge to take a ride down the hill.

While you do that, you listen to your favorite, old-school songs on the radio. You then stop near the crystal blue lake and meditate for hours, attempting to heal your soul and suppress the negativity within you.

Wait for a second, before you fall into a reverie; let us remind you that this can only happen if you reside in an aesthetically pleasing place, that too without the internet.

Now let us think about this practically. You wake up after smashing your alarm clock against the wall. You then pick up your phone and check if you have received any important WhatsApp messages. After this, you sprint downstairs and make yourself pancakes by looking at a recipe on YouTube. While having the scrumptious breakfast, you sift through Instagram and Facebook but even before all of this, you take a snap of your ravishing pancakes and send it to your friends and siblings on Snapchat.

Did you notice a major difference in the two scenarios? We are guessing you did because we are so used to using the word ‘internet’ in our daily conversations that not talking about it makes us restless. For those of you who could not figure it out, the first scenario was a life without the internet, which was far from reality, and the second scenario diligently painted the actual picture, which showed life constantly revolving around apps powered by the internet.

Believe it or not, the presence of the internet in our lives is very vital, and having reliable internet service providers like Optimum is even more significant. We are saying this because you don’t only need an internet connection, you need one that is dependable and stable. And, providers like Optimum promise this reliability by providing you with internet speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Now that you are aware of the significance of a reliable internet service provider, let us get back to imagining life without the internet. We have discussed just the positive gist of it above. Let us elaborate on the topic, so you can get a better idea of how life can change when this piece of technology is missing. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and keep reading.

  • Lifestyle

The influence of having access to no internet on your lifestyle would essentially be dependent on how frequently you utilize it. In case you were addicted to the internet, you would actually feel that your life is purposeless and that it is coming to a stop.

Even if you are not addicted to the internet, you need to realize that almost all the necessary processes are dependent on the internet. For example without the internet, you would be tiring yourselves waiting in long lines outside banks, admin offices, passport offices, railway stations, etc.

In addition to this, you would have to spend weeks or even months waiting for your mail to reach you from the other side of the world. Hence, without the internet, you will understand that your dynamic, hasty life has started functioning at a snail’s speed.

  • Information

We all know that the internet is considered the information bank. It has a huge reserve of articles, research papers, blogs, and more. Having no internet would mean not having information at the click of a button.

You would have to walk to your nearby library and look at all the bookshelves and spend countless hours searching for your desired information, which you still will not find readily available, in fact, you would have to skim through an entire book to find out the information that you require.

This would essentially be hard for those students who were caught up in the habit of utilizing the internet for completing their research papers as well as assignments. Moreover, in case of a pandemic, you would be deprived of the facility of education as zoom and other online education platforms would not be available.

  • Communication

We would be required to send letters and talk to our loved ones only via telephone because without the internet there won’t be any access to emails, social media, or other chatting applications. In addition to this, video calls would not be possible and we would have to wait for our family and friends to come to visit us in order to see them in person.

Moreover, communicating through the applications powered by the internet is free while the other options of communication essentially cost you a lot of money as well as time. You would have to spend countless hours writing letters and purchasing stamps as was done in the olden days.

  • Workplace

Your location of employment will experience a complete turnabout. If the majority of your work was done online, your business may have to close. The easy operation of using an online system to gather statistics from the Internet, for instance, would now be a difficult and time-consuming process if your work only occasionally uses the Internet.

In order to survive, organizations would need to fundamentally alter their operational procedures and methodologies. Your desk would be crammed with paperwork and physically searching through or organizing them would be a nightmare.

Final words

Even if the Internet were to suddenly disappear from our lives, it would not necessarily be for the better because we were able to manage our lives without it before it was a part of them. The good news is that because of the size, the global infrastructure, and the reach of Internet technology, such a hypothetical circumstance is extremely improbable to occur in real life.

So take advantage of this virtual paradise while keeping your fingers crossed for additional Internet developments that will fundamentally change the way we communicate, interact, and live our lives in the future.

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