Improve Your Bathroom Interior Design With These 7 Awesome Tips

Bathroom Interior Design

Decorating your bathroom is more exciting than you think it is. Most people have a misconception that bathrooms do not need much attention when it comes to detailed design. However, not because it is not the usual spot where visitors hang out, you will take it for granted. The bathroom is your sanctuary. It is the only place in the house where you can relax and clear your mind without anyone bugging you.

In this article, we will give you some basic yet awesome tips that can help you make your bathroom look more enticing and elegant. Once you have applied all these tips, you can create a whole new ambiance in your bathroom. It will be like staying in the space while you’re in the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1.   Pick the right bathroom curtain.

The only wall hanging that you can put in your bathroom that serves the most efficient function are bathroom curtains. You could not put one unless you want to expose yourself while taking a bath. You can choose from a variety of bathroom designs and colors. If you are good at researching, you can even find a bathroom curtain with specific designs that fit your personality. In that way, you will have a personalized decoration.

2.   Use colorful wall paint.

Some people think that bathrooms should only have neutral colors, which is not entirely wrong. The key is to use colors that are relaxing to the eyes. This is applicable if you have a small bathroom. Light and neutral colors can make the room look bigger, that’s why most people prefer to use it.

However, if you have a medium or large-sized bathroom, you can play around with different colors and wallpapers to add aesthetic appeal to your interior designs. Modern bathrooms have more innovative designs that go beyond plain colors. You can also choose different textures for your walls to make them look more appealing and relaxing.

3.   Use plants as bathroom decor.

You can never go wrong with plant decorations. Using pots and small plants is not limited to your living room or library. You can also use plants as bathroom decorations. If you have a small bathroom, small vases with plants should suffice. However, if you have a spacious bathroom, you can maximize the space and put large plants as well.

The secret is using stylish and decorative vases. It’s not just the plants that will give life to your bathroom interior design but also the vases and pots that you will use to store it. You can use colorful antique ming vase as well to add more variety to your decoration. 

4.   Utilize DIY and creative bathroom storage.

Using bathroom storage is necessary. It will help organize your bathroom items such as towels, tissues, shampoos, and more. However, some bathroom storage is too plain, and it looks boring. To add a little bit of creativity to your bathroom, you can use DIY storage such as handcrafted baskets and toilet paper dispenser like bobrick b-2888 which might add some good look to your bathroom.

You can also purchase different types of decorative cabinets and shelves for your bathroom. You can choose any design or style you prefer for as long as it’s not the usual box-type storage. Also, you can check out some art deco stores where you can get thematic bathroom cabinets.

5.   Add stylish rugs.

If you think that it’s not ideal to use rugs in the bathroom, then you need to think again. Some interior decoration stores manufacture rugs that are specifically designed to use in the bathroom. These are made with durable materials that can withstand exposure to both heat and water.

These stylish rugs can add a whole new perspective to your bathroom decoration. It’s best if you will use the ones with patterns and colors to bring energy to your interior design.

6.   The small details have a huge impact.

Just like any other interior decorations at home, the small details make a huge impact. Make sure to choose the right pieces of furniture or other items you want to include in the bathroom. Once you start to use, let’s say, a specific color, keep within that motif so it will not look tacky or unorganized.

7.   Think of a nice theme.

Nothing beats a thematic interior design. Themes also work for bathroom interiors. It will be easier for you to purchase the right furniture and accessories if you have a theme in mind. For example, you choose to have a rustic-inspired bathroom. You can start decorating it by shopping for rustic shower and tubs, toilets, and sinks. You can enhance its look by choosing wood cabinets and shelves for the bathroom. Whichever theme you pick, make sure to stick with it religiously.

Get more bathroom design inspirations.

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