Is Composite Decking Worth the Money?

Is Composite Decking Worth The Money

In a composite deck of high quality, it is common to find traditional lumber between 5 to 7 dollars for an 8-inch board. The average size could be about 400 square foot so in total, 20 inches. A proper 20-inch composite decking made from a good quality material can go for about 5600 dollars. A similar deck but built with the pressure that can be treated with the pine lumber could go for about 3000 dollars, considering you buy it from a genuine seller like Brite Decking. After about 2 to 3 years for a routine Maintenance, the cost difference can be removed completely. However, there are hidden expenses as well that will drive any decision to purchase the items. 

Reasons why it can become important to install a composite deck 

They can offer transferable value – There is a level of upkeep that has to be done every time there are any pressure-treated wood decks. All the homeowners may not want to do this by themselves. Some may see it as a hobby and use it to pass their time, but others will not want to do this work by themselves. The pressure-treated wood decks can become a structure that needs a lot of maintenance. A good quality composite deck needs less maintenance, and this would mean that more of the transferable value can be retained for more time so people can sell it more easily. 

High durability – All composite decks are made in a way that they can resist all staining, scratches, fading, warping, or mold. Even those families that have pets and kids find this very comfortable and safe. Spilled food or even dropping tools can also keep the composite decking very safe. The composite decks are very durable, they do not break easily, and they can hold people there as well.

Very sustainable – The best part of composite decking is that people can get a deck that looks like natural wood, but since it is not real, there are no cutting trees out, so it is safe for the environment as well. The PVC decking is made from synthetic materials. All the Trex decking is still made from 95 percent recycled content, and this is made from polyurethane and wood scraps. People use some household plastic, sawdust, and offcuts, and using heat and pressure can lead to making more decking products. 

Lasting beauty – All these composite decks are made with a lot of warranties, and these look very good. So even if there is a lot of traffic, you will still start to look good. When the composite deck looks like real wood, then it can make the place look more beautiful. This can make the place look more exotic because of the wooden look. 


There are many more options now for composite decking, which has increased over the years. You could make your choice based on your budget and different styles. Composting is very close to real wood, and this makes it very attractive to use. And it is also good for the environment as it does not use real wood.

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