Is It Safe To Take Your Little One To The Chiropractor For Adjustments?

Is It Safe To Take Your Little One To The Chiropractor For Adjustments? 1

Is It Safe To Take Your Little One To The Chiropractor For Adjustments?

Is your little one suffering from health issues that only a chiropractor could save? But what if those tiny bones are unable to tolerate the pressure of the adjustments?

If you still think this despite your child suffering from stomach aches or uncontrollable ear pains, your chiropractor might be the solution to this problem.

Whether it’s sleeping trouble, trouble with the stomach aches, or colic, several parents have confirmed that their kids have found comfort since seeing a chiropractor. The positive news is that it is healthy for newborns during the first few weeks of birth and that the effects are valid for babies delivered by C-section or natural birth.

Let’s discuss some of the main factors of how services provided by Marietta chiropractic clinic can help your child come back to his best health.

Who exactly is a chiropractor?

As we move further to discuss the impact of chiropractic treatment on babies, it is important to understand the job role of a chiropractor.

“A chiropractor is a medical professional who makes adjustments in your body with the help of manipulations and nervous system adjustments.”

How can a chiropractor benefit babies?

Babies suffer from multiple problems since the day they are born. It might involve digestive issues, problems with the spin, allergies, and reflux from breast milk and the list continues to go on. However, there are many ways that a chiropractor can help a baby and improve their health.

  • Speed up the recovery process after the child is born

The birth process is one of the most beautiful processes that doctors get to witness every day. However, it can be painful for not only just the mom but the infant as well.

The birth process results in nerve damage for both the mother and baby at most times. Gentle massage of the main areas of your baby’s body may help relieve stress and pain, as well as address nerve issues that might occur following a C-section or normal birth.

A chiropractor is qualified to stabilize the spine to guarantee that there is no nerve damage because it may contribute to colic effects, reflux, or trouble breathing to sleeping in children.

  • Improve the current state of health of the immune system

While a healthy diet consisting of proper nutrition and key to healthy person is sleep, the spine also plays an important part in human health. The chiropractic study began with a concept that the health of a human body depends entirely on the health of the spine. Any misalignment in the spine, as well as its connection with the nerves, can lead to the deterioration of health.

Many people allow their children to benefit from the miracles of chiropractic treatment for a better immune system because they understand that an immune system generally consists of lymph nodes and the spleen which connects with the brain.

Modern researches and studies have shown that based on few adjustments in the spine, the body becomes healthier as the adjustments provide the disease-fighting cells a kick to perform better in the areas where they are needed the most.

For growing children, this can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for them.

  • Get rid of colic pains

Colic may have multiple factors, so your infant could have been diagnosed with colic by the pediatrician because any possible medical problems have been ruled out. Colic can be related to an unstable or dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract, contributing to indigestion and gas build-up.

The young digestive system may not cope with the build-up of gas, which is an inevitable consequence of digestion, causing the gas stuck in the intestine to cause bloating and discomfort. Your child could even pull his knees up and try to push the gas with no progress.

Gentle manipulations will promote nerve flow to the small intestines and enhance peristalsis – a wave-like movement of muscles in the intestines that moves liquid and gas through.

  • Reduce general fussiness and lag-lust behavior in children

It’s not always straightforward for parents or physicians to identify the precise conditions that may be causing children to feel scared and irritable. However, chiropractic treatments will benefit after the illness has been ruled out.

While the child is supposed to be active and lively, many children start facing laziness from an early age. This can be helped if taken to the chiropractors for a few sessions.

Numerous tests have found that chiropractic therapy tends to minimize the stress that may occur from mechanical constraints in the spine of your infant. Such constraints can contribute to headaches, muscle spasms, increased nervous irritability, sleeping problems, and weeping. That is also why parents note such a noticeable improvement after a few visits at the chiropractor.

  • Support the physical development of a child

The infant is born with main spinal curves (known as sacral and thoracic kyphosis) and, in the first year of existence, the spine doubles in length as the secondary curves (neck and lower back lordosis) shape. In just a small period of time, that is a lot of improvement in a little body! The curvature of the neck develops as the infant tries to raise his head; as he starts to relax, the lower back curvature arises. However, without good coordination through these critical phases, there is a risk that your child’s spinal curvatures may not grow correctly. It may impede your child’s physical growth and delay the speed with which the child meets its phases.

Gentle spinal manipulations can help your child in spinal alignment as well as improving the overall posture.


Many people tend to things that a chiropractor is supposed to help the adults after a car accident. Marietta chiropractic clinic services are not only confined to adults but children and babies can also benefit from the services.

You can take your child for examination and get several problems treated even in one session. However, it is recommended that you do not stop the treatment and take the recommended number of sessions for a full recovery.

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