Did you know? More than half of the audio books purchased are intended to be offered and 35% of audio book readers have them lent or offered, according to a recent study by Imposes and the National Publishing Union. And since we know that 21% of French people are interested in this mode of reading, why not add one of these pretty objects at the foot of the tree and perhaps thus discover a new way of escaping? Finally, the youngest are a particularly interesting target since 93% of them know the audio book and 21% listen to it. They will not be outdone with our eclectic selection of the best audio books for Christmas! Bestsellers, detective novels, essays, youth. There is something for everyone!

A papa girl on a vacation in the South, if this classic of the first teenage emotions signed Sagan is no longer very fresh in your memory; listen to the divine interpretation of Sara Girardeau (Molière of female theatrical revelation) for travel to the past.

Because a pot to rebuild Notre-Dame is very nice, but it does not restore your culture, it is a bit like never before to immerse yourself in the history of Paris and its cathedral through Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Fleur de Lys or the naughty Frodo. PS: having seen the musical is no excuse not to listen to this masterpiece from A to Z.

To pass the time of long journeys, what could be better than telling fantastic stories to your children? With the collection of the 20 most beautiful tales for children which mixes Perrault, Andersen or the Grimm brothers, you have more than five quiet hours in front of you!

Anyway, haven’t you read Arcaro’s speech yet? To avoid this kind of unpleasant sentence from your mother-in-law, know that our national Alain Chabot has made a reading of this jewel of humor already become essential. His sister is getting married, Adrian, in his forties, must write a speech. It was during a family meal, while he was desperately waiting for a sign from his ex, that the disillusioned man brooded over the words he could offer to his sister. A nugget as hilarious as it is touching.

Do you like to scare yourself? Tremble and listen to Camilla Grebe’s shadow of the whale, which has become a staple of the Scandinavian thriller. On the program: a breathtaking investigation with multiple and judicious twists and turns. Police officers Malign and Manfred are tasked with solving a sordid mystery: how could four corpses of men have been washed up on the coasts of the Stockholm archipelago? To listen without moderation.

Are you already nostalgic for the Game of Thrones series? You have no more excuses! Thanks to the original books by Georges RR Martin, no less than eight volumes in the series bring the Banisters and Stark to life in an audio version to make you even more addictive than the HBO series!

If you are lucky enough not to have read even world history of audio music with Patrick Boucher on, be ready to regale you and you grow! After listening to this book that tells about instruments, from the Chauvin cave to the events of 2015, you will plug a corner for all the clever little ones who love to spread their culture during summer dinners!

Do you know why the people of Okinawa Island in Japan live longer and get much less sick than the rest of the world? If you want to know the magic secrets of Japanese happiness, the Kigali, rush to this audio book full of good advice to learn to love and listen to yourself.

What could be better than listening to the holidays of little Nicolas de Gascony before falling asleep to find your childhood memories? It is now possible: put on your headphones, close your eyes (unless you are driving) and return, with the inimitable voice of Beloit Poelvoorde, to your tender age.

Does your memory seem to decrease as you age? You are not using it correctly! To learn how to memorize whole courses, the faces and names of the people you meet or even information about G culture, the audio version of this fun book is extremely effective. Oust the memory of goldfish!

You knew the sparkling and talented actress, discover a touching and sensitive Isabelle Care in her first novel read by herself. In a family of dreamers a bit broken down in the seventies, the young Isabelle struggles to grow up without turbulence. To poetize his often brutal reality, dance becomes his dream of life. Yet it is the theater that will reveal the adolescent’s strength and fragility. Layer by layer, with a fine and graceful writing, the actress reveals herself and invites us to discover her often painful secrets of little girl and young woman. A powerful and generous novel.

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