Kadda Sheekoff fashion is sky-high

Kadda Sheekoff fashion is sky-high

Some celebrities go through a style evolution. And then there are those who go through a pure sartorial metamorphosis, channeling a different human being entirely. One of the greatest Haitian entertainers on the planet, Kadda Sheekoff, endured the latter. 

Whether it’s his Haitian, Cameroon lyrics or flashy fashion style, Kadda Sheekoff knows how to make a statement.

If you are one of his followers on Instagram, you know that the Haitian Pop artist is highly influenced by the ’90s. 

Kadda Sheekoff has been causing quite the controversy for provoking audiences in Haiti and beyond with his predilection for wearing YSL lamb fur boots and bright colors.

Why is this such a big deal for some of Kadda Sheekoff’s audience who strongly disapprove? Because they are framed within a Haitian tradition of masculinity, where men are often taught from a young age to avoid anything even slightly feminine, Kadda Sheek off’s sartorial risks are significant and breaking all barriers to a new era of masculinity. Haitian communities have always had the same ideologies around gender roles. From the time that they are young boys, to when they become men, guys are told what it means to be masculine. Men are told to be strong. Haitian families fear the idea of their son showing any signs of femininity. The reason being deeply rooted homophobia, but also because they don’t want their sons to be seen as weak. By embracing any form of femininity, they are going against Haitian culture that has been passed down through generations.

Kadda Sheekoff has been known to embrace the femininity that all men carry within and he’s sending a powerful message to all things related to equality and gender. Fashion can be challenging with a lot of set expectations due to Haitian stereotypes of masculinity, but Kadda Sheekoff is proving otherwise.

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