Leray Hoverboard: Self-balancing Hoverboard in 2021

Leray Hoverboard

Self-balancing hoverboard

A hoverboard is sometimes referred to as a self-balancing hoverboard, stunt scooters or self-balancing smart board. And once you ride one, you’ll instantly know why. Balance is an integral part of the hoverboard riding experience.

Leray Hoverboard

Self-transportation is the way of the future, but it has been around for so many years. The Leray Hoverboard  is a blast from the past, back in the public eye, to show that hoverboards have not disappeared. With its a timeless design, it stands to reason that the hoverboard market will live on with quality scooters.

Years after its release, it remains one of the most effective measures for self-transportation due to reliability.

Leray Hoverboard Specifications

  • Holds 200-pounds
  • Travels around 8/9-miles depending on the weight of the user
  • 18650 LG lithium-ion battery
  • The weight is around 26-pounds
  • Automatic breaking
  • Charge time is between 30 and 60-minutes

Key Features of The Leray Hoverboard

The Leray Self Balancing Hoverboard is one of the trendsetters when it comes to self-balancing scooters. Due to its performance, it has been the recipient of multiple awards from around the world. Even though it can be daunting to find, the hoverboard still stands out as one of the leading options on the market today:


One of the leading features that make the Leray Self Balancing Hoverboard stand out is the battery. It features a traditional lithium-ion battery, capable of generating up to 500-watts of power. Since it features a dual battery setup, one does not need to worry about running out of battery when traveling short distances.

Charging Time

Nothing is more frustrating for a rider than having to deal with extensive charging times for a scooter. The Leray Self Balancing Hoverboard does not have exuberant charging times, and depending on the battery, it could charge in 30-minutes. However, it is recommended that you charge it for 60-minutes before the first use.

Once the battery is fully replenished, the built-in lithium-ion battery can give you users a traveling distance of 9-miles. Keep in mind that the weight will also have an effect on the distance you can travel.  Users of substantial weight will force the scooter into a more costly work mode. Unfortunately, it means that the battery will also drain more rapidly.

User Friendly

When we look at any hoverboard, it is important to consider how user friendly it is. Compared to your standard skateboard, the leveling technology in the hoverboard makes it feel more rigid. Even for a 200-pound person, balancing is not an act that you need to be heavily concerned with due to the durable design.

Leray Hoverboard Safety

A top priority for any parent is to ensure that the hoverboard is safe to use for their teens. Fortunately, the Leray Self Balancing Hoverboard is met with a host of safety features. The leveler we mentioned will keep the scooter steady and ensure that you don’t need to constantly deal with flipping from one side to the other.


It is hard to imagine that many things can compete with a hoverboard scooter in small distances. Many people might not like it, or some even find that it is hard to operate. However, you will find that owning one of these will make life so much easier, especially once you come to grips with the features and how to use it.

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