The Astrological Meaning of Lilith

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Lilith has its roots in ancient myths and legends and the origins of its symbolism can be found in the earliest versions of the Hebrew Bible.

Lilith was Adam’s first company and was rejected and expelled from Eden because she transgressed the divine will. In modern astrology, the Black Moon represents some dark sides of the human soul: it outlines the center of the unconscious drives and of the individual component of each person.

In the birth chart of a person it represents the way in which this expresses their passion and eroticism. In particular, in the theme of a woman it indicates how the latter projects itself on the man and how she works to conquer him; in the theme of a man, on the other hand, he provides indications on the type of female sensuality he is attracted to.

What is the black moon Lilith in astrology?

In the sky, the Black Moon is not something “material” like a planet. Its nature is geometric: it is a point placed in the orbit of the Moon. It is a void in the sky. It can, like most investments, go into retrograde. It is actually a void in the sky; hence it is name of “Black” Moon!

Her second name, and probably the one you already know, Lilith. This name, giving more clues as to what this placement designates, is a matter of mythology and religion. Lilith is a rather dark female figure, present in particular within the Jewish religion. She was Adam’s first wife, before Eve, but ruled by vice, jealousy and perversion, she was doomed to Hell.

Because of her dark and violent behavior, some legends now even present her as the devil’s daughter or wife. She is a woman symbol of rejection, rebellion, vice and obscurity.

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The meaning of Black moon

After seeing what the Black Moon was in concrete terms as well as its origin, we can guess the concepts that this placement represents.Being an empty point in the sky, the Black Moon points to a lack, a fundamental void that has come to settle and that we are trying to fill at all costs.This void is one of the foundations of our existence, the essence of our most primitive energy, well anchored in us.

As the myth of Lilith shows us, this lack is often born out of shame, rejection or lack of understanding. The desire to fulfill it itself perpetuates these negative feelings, because when it is fulfilled, these emotions come back to bear! Filling the desire would then be more destructive than relieving.

We interpret the Black Moon as a sign and an astrological House. The ideal is therefore to read the meaning of the Black Moon in the sign where it is located and in the Astrological House where it is located on your birth chart.

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