Life After a Divorce: Can You Get More than 50% Of Social Security?


Have you heard the term “gray divorce”? It refers to couples divorcing after age 50 and it’s on the rise.

Are you getting divorced? Social security benefits might not be the first thing on your mind, but you might have some questions.

Social Security benefits and retirement funds can make things more complicated under these circumstances so it’s in your best interest to find out where you stand.

Life after a divorce can be hard, but social security benefits can help. Are you wondering if you can get more than 50% of your ex-spouse’s social security? Keep reading to learn more.

Are You Entitled To An Ex-Spouse’s Social Security?

When people divorce, they are eligible to collect benefits on their former husband or wife’s earnings as long as they meet the qualifications.

The marriage had to last at least ten years. The applicant cannot be remarried and must be at least 62 years old. And the big one…your ex-spouse has to be eligible to collect Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

It’s not necessary for your ex-spouse to be collecting his or her benefits for you to make a claim. Two years have had to pass since the divorce though if this is the case.

Are you wondering if you qualify for your ex-spouses Social Security benefits? You can find out more here about qualifications, how to apply, and some additional Social Security tips.

What Percentage Will You Receive?

As a general rule, when a divorced spouse applies for the Social Security benefits of their ex-spouse, they’ll receive 50% of the retirement benefit. This is true even if the ex-spouse is remarried.

If the spouse who’s trying to make a claim gets remarried, that disqualifies them from making any claim on their living ex-spouse’s work record.

If the ex-spouse has passed, the former spouse may be able to collect up to 100% of the benefits. The rule that the spouse has to be of full-retirement age still applies.

If you do decide to file for benefits before reaching retirement age, be aware that the benefit will be permanently reduced.

How to Apply for Benefits

As a divorced spouse, you can apply for benefits through the Social Security website at If you would rather do it in person, you can make an appointment at the local Social Security office.

You’ll need your ex’s Social Security number or date and place of birth along with the names of the parents.

Life After a Divorce: Social Security Benefits

Are you ready to start your life after a divorce? Social Security benefits might help. The filing process for the S.S. benefits is not complicated, but there are some stipulations. Find out if you meet the requirements. Your ex-spouse won’t even know if you apply as the Social Security Administration protects your privacy.

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