Long vs. Short: Choosing the Best Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Your Big Day

Choosing The Best Bridesmaid Dress Styles For Your Big Day

The average bridesmaid dress will set you or your bridal party members back around $200 per dress.

That’s not a figure to sneeze at! So you (or your bridesmaids) likely want the bridesmaid dress styles that are right for your wedding and practical for future use—or possible resale.

Should you choose the classic elegance of a long dress or the flirty vibe of a short dress? Let’s throw that bouquet and see which dress style it lands on!

Benefits of Long Bridesmaid Dresses

For traditional brides, long is always a good bet. And your bridesmaids are sure to feel comfortable, too.

Formality and Elegance

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance to your wedding?

It can be done with bridesmaid dress colors, but the length of the dress also plays a role. For example, long black bridesmaid dresses help create a cohesive and polished visual effect that elevates the overall tone of the day.

Choose long dresses made from luxurious fabrics or featuring intricate details such as beading, embroidery, or lace to add even more glam.


Long bridesmaid dress lengths are endlessly versatile. They can be made in various colors and materials to fit seamlessly into any wedding theme.

They’re also accommodating for any bridesmaid body type—your bridal party will feel comfortable and confident in their long dress!


Do you have bridesmaids who prefer to cover their bodies or want a modest option? Then, choose long bridesmaid dresses.

If you’re holding a winter wonderland wedding, long bridesmaid dresses offer a measure of protection against chilly winter winds—especially if it’s outdoors.

Finally, long bridesmaid dresses can be worn again to other formal occasions, making the investment worth it.

Benefits of Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you a young bride? Are you seeking dresses with a touch of fun? Then, short bridesmaid dresses might be fitting for you!

Comfort and Mobility

The shorter hemline of a short bridesmaid dress allows the wearer to move around freely and enjoy the event. They won’t have to worry about tripping or getting tangled up in their complicated clothing. This is especially important for beach or farm weddings, where the ground might be uneven.

Summer weddings also benefit from short dresses. They’re much cooler in hot weather than their lengthy counterparts.

More Shoe Options

Who doesn’t love a good shoe? Dress your bridesmaid in short attire to show off the bright, expensive, or otherwise exciting shoe choices you’ve made for your wedding.

What’s more, where long dresses typically have to be paired with high heels, short bridesmaid dresses can be paired with a wider variety of shoes—think flats, sandals, or heels.


Short bridesmaid dresses add a playful, youthful vibe to a wedding party. This is perfect for couples with a casual or lighthearted wedding theme.

You can also accessorize short dresses with fun, colorful jewelry, hair accessories, and makeup looks to enhance the playful vibe.

Bridesmaid Dress Styles Your Bridal Party Loves, Too!

It doesn’t really matter which bridesmaid dress styles you choose for your big day. Most importantly, your bridesmaids feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

Both styles offer unique benefits. And each can create a cohesive and stunning visual effect that complements your wedding theme.

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