Luscious Locks: No Need to Dread Split Ends With Silk Scrunchies

Luscious Locks

You probably have a skincare routine nailed down to give you gorgeous, glowy skin. But, have you done the same with your hair?

The hair care industry has steadily grown over the years, with an estimated worth in 2020 of over $90 billion. That’s a lot of shampoo!

But even if you are spending a lot on shampoo, conditioner, and serums, your hair might still be a victim of frizz. If that is the case, then there is something simple you can try to ease out those kinks and creases.

Believe it or not, what you wear in your hair, the simple scrunchie can make all the difference. Silk scrunchies are here to turn your hair from drab to fab. Want to know how? Keep reading for more.

What Are Silk Scrunchies?

The scrunchie, that must-have hair accessory from the ’90s is back. In a big way. This iconic hair tie is a functional and fashionable accessory that is perfect for creating a statement look. It also makes a pony or a top-knot look so much more fun.

If you love to rock a ponytail, then scrunchies are probably already your best friend. Whether you like wearing them during the day with your favorite outfit or in bed to keep your hair tidy, a scrunchie really is an everyday necessity for long hair.

Silk scrunchies are the hot new trend to upgrade the standard scrunchie. Why? Thanks to the natural silk fabric, these hair ties minimize friction and damage and help to support your hair. 

What Are the Benefits of a Silk Scrunchie?

A regular hair scrunchie can put all kinds of strain and stress onto your hair. Issues like breakages, split-ends, and frizz can all come from the faithful scrunchie. Especially if you have fine or dry hair.

This is where hair ties like these silk scrunchies come in. Silk treats your hair like royalty. The frictionless handle of silk can prevent damage and prolong a sleek blowout. Silk can also help keep your hair supple and smooth, perfect if you suffer from dry locks. 

Here are 5 of our favorite benefits of silk for your hair.

1. Help Reduce Split Ends

Slipping a silk scrunchie into your hair can help reduce those dreaded split ends. Thanks to the smooth surface of the silk, less friction and tension occurs. Both of these issues can lead to the ends of your hair-splitting.

Wearing your silk scrunchie while you sleep can help prevent breakages and split ends.

When we sleep, our hair gets rubbed and aggravated. This can cause it to break and create thin hair and split ends. The natural smooth handle of silk prevents this friction and leads to fewer split ends.

2. Gentle on Damaged Hair

Even if you have spent a fortune on hair masks, oils, and serums, your hair might still be prone to damage. Traditional hair ties can add to the damage, as they tug at your hair, especially when they are pulled out.

Silk scrunchies can protect your hair and save your luscious locks. Their smooth construction makes it easy to tie your hair up and take it down, without snagging, tangling, or pulling at your hair. 

By treating your hair gently, you can expect less damage and fewer breakages.

3. Ideal for Dry Hair

If you suffer from dry hair, then you need to embrace the natural power of silk.

Much like the benefits of silk pillowcases, a silk scrunchie can help reduce friction and help your hair to retain moisture. The friction caused by traditional hair scrunchies can contribute to dryness, taking away its smoothness. 

Silk absorbs far less moisture than synthetic materials, which allows your hair to remain hydrated. This will prevent brittleness and breakage caused by dry hair.

4. Help Prevent Frizz or Kinks

If your hair is prone to frizz, kinks, or other kinds of damage, then you may want to invest in silk.

Standard hair ties, when tightly wound around your hair, can make your hair excessively frizzy. 

The tight nature of a hair tie can cause your hair to become fuzzy from breakages. This is what causes that frizzy look. Silk is a delicate fabric. It creates far less friction than cotton or synthetic material – the two main fabrics of standard scrunchies. Silk ensures that you create no kinks or creases.

What does this mean for your hair? Less breakage and less frizz.

5. Keep Your Blowout Smooth for Longer

Just treated yourself to a blowout? If you are keen to keep your locks smooth and shiny for as long as possible, then tying it up at night can help. However, a standard hair tie can cause stress and strain, leaving your smooth hair with a big kink.

That is where silk scrunchies can become your secret weapon. Silk is protein-based. It contains amino acids that will help your hair retain moisture, shape, and promote growth.

By tying your blowout up with a silk scrunchie, you can help it keep its shape while you sleep. The gentle texture won’t leave dents or creases like traditional scrunchies. 

Treat Your Hair to the Best

Investing in your hair care should be as high a priority as your skincare. Keep your luscious locks a thing of beauty, by making sure you have the right accessories and products.

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of incorporating silk into your hair care regime, you can start enjoying a smoother mane today. Silk scrunchies will help tame frizz, prevent damage, and keep your hair fabulous for longer.

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