The Very Real Dangers and Issues of Running a Red Light

Running a Red Light

If you’re thinking about running a red light, don’t. Just don’t. Almost 1000 people die each year from red light accidents and that number is increasing. 

This does not account for all the injuries and property damage that result from these unnecessary accidents as well.

Causing an Accident

Accidents happen. Whether someone was running a red light on purpose or accidentally ran a red light, accidents happen.

This is the most dangerous possibility when a red traffic light is run. Other drivers on the road expect their way to be clear and will start through an intersection. But if someone does not even slow down for their red light, they will surely hit a driver crossing their path.

An accident may just dent the other person’s car. Or it may kill them. A red stop light must be obeyed as the consequences can be dire.

Hitting a Pedestrian

Even worse than hitting a car is hitting a pedestrian. Lights often go red at intersections that have pedestrian crossing lights. If a driver blows through a red traffic light while a pedestrian is crossing, they very likely may hit them.

Consider who is often using intersections to navigate walkable cities: people who don’t drive. This may include children, people who are blind, or people using mobility aids like wheelchairs. It is difficult for this population to negotiate traffic, so it is essential that drivers protect pedestrians by respecting red lights.

Lawsuit and Cost of Damages

Being in an accident – whether as the injured party or the responsible party – is a horrible experience. It is frightening, the aftermath is expensive, and losing access to a vehicle that gets totaled can have a serious effect on peoples’ lives. 

If you have been in a red light accident, check out law firm to see how you can be assisted in your case. Accidents happen. Moe helps make them right.

Getting a Ticket

If a driver is lucky enough to blow a red light and not cause an accident, they might still get a ticket. Police officers are ready for this kind of thing to happen and will pull them over immediately. If police are not present, a traffic light camera might snap a photo of the license and a ticket will arrive in the mail.

Failure to stop at a red light is a serious ticket. It will likely cost over $100. Insurance rates may go up and depending on the state’s ticketing system, strikes may be added to their license.

Suspended License

If red light running and other traffic violations become a habit, strikes will accumulate on the license. If there are too many, the license will be suspended.

This is how you can get in trouble for running a red light even if you don’t cause an accident.

Running a Red Light Is a Bad Idea

It can be tempting to try to save some time by running a red light, even if the intersection looks empty. Don’t! The stakes are too high to make this kind of mistake.

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