Luxury Beauty Cosmetic- Beauty at Home

Luxury Beauty Cosmetic- Beauty at Home 1

As always at the center of the event there will be beauty, in all its facets, an event not to be missed for all professionals in the sector who in the news dedicated to Beauty will have the opportunity to train and discuss new trends. Luxury Beauty: they believe when you speak well, you feel fine. That is the mission of luxury beauty home. In this difficult time that the corona virus gives all of us, they are still next to you. Together you can come out stronger if we work together as a family with them all. That is why they offer you a solution to sell your products in your salon now without having to worry about delivery. They will arrange this for you. The toppers of the Delivery Service will be notified on the Luxury Beauty Expert app as soon as someone buys a product from you. You will also receive a notification of this on the Luxury Beauty Expert app. Then the delivery person will pick it up from you and bring it to your customer. In this way you make your customers happy who are quarantined at home and you make a turnover. They are here to help you out!

Luxury Beauty is the most awaited appointment dedicated to the world of aesthetics, among the sectors represented at the event we find: cosmetology, nail, applied aesthetics, make-up, spa, technology and lots of training, with the most interesting updates. A meeting place, where you can compare yourself with the best professionals and the most innovative aesthetic companies. High level training , a vast calendar of appointments, they will talk about new anti-age massage techniques, how to keep your beauty center healthy, aimed not only at the nail operator but also at those who take care of eyelash extension courses , professional Mack-up and wellness in general. Visit to know more.

Be safe & healthy we recommend that you follow the advice and guidelines of the luxury beauty expert app. Luxury Beauty the place where you never stop learning

Luxury Beauty Cosmetic- Beauty at Home 2Do you want to meet some of the most important experts in the beauty sector? Thanks to the collaboration with UBER, the operators of the sector present at Luxury Beauty will have a personal and dedicated interview, obtaining all the information they need to better guide a beauty salon. They allow those present to meet directly with experts from the associations present and receive immediate and personalized answers. Topics may range from current regulations in relation to work in beauty salons, to aspects related to better knowledge and the correct use of both cosmetics and equipment – which represent real work tools – up to the very important and evolving, related part the economic / financial aspects of a center. We proudly present our collaboration with UBER! One of the biggest hassles of getting a stylist appointment is both finding a time that works, and then making time to get to the salon. Today you never really have to leave the house.

The Luxury Beauty App provides you with home, office, hotel room and even events for beauty and wellness and lifestyle products and services.

Wear, hairstyling, make-up, nails, massages, treatments for appearance and faciality, personal training, coaching and much more!

Download and Find Out About the Luxurious Beauty app

A real window dedicated to the world of the beauty profession! Continue to follow us to know the timetables and the experts present. In less than 60 minutes you can order your professional salon with your lifestyle stuff! Luxury Beauty wishes to make you feel comfortable and attentive in your comfort.

How does it work?

01 What you would like to do?

MAP: All of our Premium Beauty Experts and all of the exclusive worldwide shows are available here.

SHOP: All items can be seen on the store here.

CATEGORY: Pick the service you want. If you press, all beauty experts and salons that provide you with this service will be able to see.

02 Pick the expert

You can choose your beauty expert by clicking on their name; choose a beauty luxury expert or one of our exclusive salons. You will see here what it offers and who it is.

03 Choose your treatment

Select your treatment or make your choice of drugs. Let us know where the Luxury Beauty Expert will go or where your items will be shipped. Only when the placement function is allowed can you book. The safety of our experts is our number one priority.

04 Wait a bit

You will be told that the Luxury Beauty Expert of the Distribution is in the process when you pay for your reservation. Enjoy your reservation or your goods!

Become an Expert or Exclusive Partner

Luxury Beauty search for the finest beauticians and experts for hair-shaves and nails, trainers, lounges and retailers in our Luxurious Beauty Family. Be the most important partner in our family.

Allow more sales of your favorite work!

  • Set your time schedule, costs, where you want and how you want to work.
  • Set your time schedule.
  • Sell ​​your salon goods without thinking about shipping

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