Who is Car Insurance for?

Car Insurance

Who is Car Insurance for?

If this decision is adopted, young people may thus be authorized to drive alone from the age of 17, but only on the national territory, and provided that they have completed two years of accompanied driving before passing their license. All car owners are obliged to cover their property with auto insurance and there is huge market where you can find cheap car insurance for 17 year old females as well. In the event of a breach of this rule, the driver is liable to a fine of up to thousands of dollars. In addition, even if the car is not used, minimum insurance is compulsory. In fact, improper parking or a fire can cause damage to others. To avoid any problem, the driver has the choice between three types of formulas: Third-party insurance, Third-party insurance + and All Risks insurance (also called All Damage). You can make your choice according to your needs, your budget or the value of your car.

Why this desire to lower the age of the driving license to 17 years?

Many arguments are put forward to enhance this proposition. In particular the fact that this measure will promote the professional integration of young adults in the regions where being transported is essential. There is also talk of favoring the choice of accompanied driving, which has an exam success rate of 74.24%. But above all, the passage of the license could be integrated into the Universal National Service, a compulsory civic service for young people in order to help future young drivers to finance a still expensive driving license.

What Auto Insurance is Available on the Market?

Auto insurance must at least cover the mandatory minimum. Civil liability covers material and bodily injury caused to a third party following an accident. To benefit from this support, the owner can opt for third party insurance. It is the most affordable option. However, it offers the minimum protection. Third-party insurance is another intermediate option. In addition to covering civil liability, it also protects in the event of theft and fire. Some optional guarantees are also offered to those looking for more coverage (assistance, glass breakage, etc.). The driver’s individual protection guarantee can be included in the contract or offered as an option.  The All Risks insurance brings together the guarantees offered by the first two insurances and adds a damage guarantee for all types of accidents. All the advantages of auto insurance check quick insurance quote for 17 years old female


If you have opted for the Third Party formula, your mutual insurance company will indemnify the cover for damage caused on the other car. If you have signed up for Third Party Insurance, you will be reimbursed in the event of theft or fire. As for the All Risks formula, its main strength is its coverage for any accident. Compensation is thus granted, whether or not the driver is responsible for the accident. In error, the insured will nevertheless have to pay a contractually agreed damage deductible.

The Limits of Auto Insurance

Third-party insurance offers the most affordable formula. However, its coverage is very limited. It only covers damage caused to others. This formula is therefore recommended for people on a limited budget or those who only use their car very rarely. As for the All Risks insurance, it has the largest number of coverage. However, the law has established exclusions from legal guarantees. These define the situations in which coverage can be refuted by the mutual insurance company or the insurance company provides cheapest car insurance for 17 year old male. The driver does not benefit from coverage if he does not have a valid driving license or if he is not in good standing with basic safety conditions. In addition to the exclusion of legal warranty, a lapse of compensation is applied by most insurers when the driver has consumed alcohol or taken drugs.

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