Make Ice Fast Through Ice Makers

Make Ice Fast Through Ice Makers

Make Ice Fast Through Ice Makers

Icemakers is best option now days for making ice all over the world but one of the doubts that we can always ask ourselves is whether there will be something as fast as the microwave to heat, but to cool food or any drink. It seems a reality that has been working for years on an invention that goes in that direction, but at the moment there are no convincing results. So many of us use a few trick to cool down food and drinks quickly.

These tricks are techniques that we can all use in our house, to be able to get out of trouble if at any time we need to make fast ice to cool down and we do not have enough time or open nearby premises to go and buy ice.

Hot water cools before cold water

Something you surely did not know is that, to generate ice cubes quickly and easily, it is convenient to put an ice cube tray with hot water in the freezer, since it freezes faster than cold water or at room temperature. Also, the ice cubes that are generated with the hot water are completely transparent, while the others are whitish; the presentation of ice in drinks is important.

Why does this happen? Hot water contains more hydrogen bonds than cold water, so they can store more energy and expel them more quickly at a sub-zero temperature. This is known as the Mpembaeffect, the name attributed to its discoverer, the scientist Erasto B. Mpemba

Salt: an ideal complement to cool drinks

In the case of having ice, but we want it to cool even faster, a trick that many people use due to its great result is to add salt. To achieve this speed of cooling, we only need to add in the same container one the drink to cool, ice and a little salt, in addition to stirring everything; then we wait a few minutes.

Why is this happening? When mixing water and salt, an endothermic reaction occurs, which is considered an energy-absorbing phenomenon? In order for the salt to dissolve, it needs heat, which will take it from the can or bottle, so that the ice cold will pass more quickly to the container. This is a technique to make ice fast and it works practically instantly, perfect for any unforeseen event.

Shock icing

The title of this section sounds surreal, but we assure that it works perfectly. We add a large bottle of water in the freezer (1.5 liters), until the freezing process has started, about 1 hour and a half since we put it in it. Then we remove it, and we tap it on the bottom of the bottle. You will be able to see live and direct how the process of making fast ice will be activated in front of you, and the bottle will freeze immediately.

Ways to make fast ice from BESTICE

The best way to make ice fast is by having one of the multipleBESTICE machines, which generate perfect and quality ice cubes in seconds, always prepared for any unforeseen ice.

Depending on the use that they are going to have, you will have to choose one machine or another, which will be chosen by the consumer and with the help of one of our experts, so as not to fail in your choice.

Do you know a trick to make quick ice that is not listed? Do you use any of those named above? Tell us about your experience implementing one of these tricks.

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