Make The Most Of Your Lashes In Lockdown: How To Properly Use Eyelash Serum

Make The Most Of Your Lashes In Lockdown

It feels like a distant memory for many of us, getting glammed up for a special occasion. Beauty salons have been closed for so long and our favorite treatments are all but forgotten. However, it isn’t all bad, lockdown is the perfect time to allow our lashes to breathe and take a break from extensions, lifts and mascara.

But we can take our lash care one step further and give those eyelashes some much-needed wizard eyelash serum. Lash serum has been around for a while but the last 12 months has seen a significant rise in sales. But before grabbing your phone and ordering yourself some, you need to know everything about it if it’s right for your lashes.

What Is Lash Serum?

You condition your hair, why not your eyelashes? Lash serums gently condition your natural lashes while encouraging healthy growth. Serums are one of the best ways to get your eyelashes to grow more and reach their full potential, without costly and lengthy beauty treatments. It’s one of the best eyelash tips during lockdown for those missing their beauty salon.

Every lash serum has different benefits, some focus on lash retention, others on the length and some on volume or length, so you need to decide what you need. There’s little point in trying to get longer lashes if yours are prone to falling out and are brittle, so focus on fixing that first.

How To Apply Lash Serum

It may look like a simple mascara tube, but lash serum needs to be properly applied to get the most out of it and avoid any damage to your lashes or eyes. Follow the below steps for the most fabulous lashes with the use of lash serum.

1.   Wash Your Face

Cleanse your entire face and remove all makeup before applying lash serum. Use a clean towel to dry your lashes and lids and make sure your hands are clean and dry as well-dirty hands can lead to bacterial infections.

2.   Using The Brush

Dip the brush into the product tube and remove any excess liquid. You don’t need to use loads of serum, they are highly concentrated and even the smallest amount will work its magic.

3.   Apply

Now apply a thick layer to your lashes in the same way you would apply a light coat of mascara, from the root line upwards. Use the applicator brush to work from the base of your lashes from outer corner to the inner corner.

A common mistake many people make is doing the same to your lower lashes.

While you may want long lashes on both lids, by applying it to your lower lashes you could cause the serum to spread every time you blink between the two lash lines and cause it not to work as it should.

4.   Wait

This is the part most get wrong. You can’t just start applying makeup straight away, you need to let the serum set and dry before disrupting it with any other product. This includes moisturisers and other facial creams.

Every brand will have a different drying time, but the average is at least 90 seconds. If in doubt, longer is better.

5.   Repeat

For the full impact that lash serum has to offer, you need to be committed. If you’re the kind of person who often forgets their beauty regime, lash serum may not be for you. Lash serums work best when applied once a day, typically first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This way, you will get optimum results.

Lash Serum Warnings

Just like every beauty product, there are some people who won’t react well to eyelash serum. If you experience any itching, redness or pain, stop using lash serum immediately.

It’s also important to look into what is in lash serum, every product varies hugely. You may have seen some of those videos on Instagram of influencers who grow their lashes in a matter of days. While these results are real and fast, they aren’t great for your lashes.

This is because these products are full of growth hormones to encourage growth and can mess with your lash cycle. What’s more, if you decide to stop using these products, even just for a short while, the sudden stop in hormones on your lashes can cause them to fall out!

Always find a hormone-free lash serum, while the initial results may take a little longer, they are safer and will keep your lashes looking beautiful for much longer, even when you stop using it.

With the right use, lash serum can get those natural fans fluttering and by the time lockdown is over, you’ll have friends and family wondering how you managed to achieve such an amazing result without your local salon.

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