Meet Canada’s Best Employers 2020

Meet Canada’s Best Employers 2020 1

The top 300 employers in Canada have recently been listed by Forbes. Ubisoft, which was not only the leading developer for the Game Creed games in Assassin, was formed by a survey of 8 000 anonymous Canadians who shared their opinions. The list was formed after the event. Everyone was asked to determine the probability of recommending their employer for jobs. The probability of the recommendation must be measured on a scale between zero and 10. The survey also requested them from other than the one for which they work.

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Canadians have been enjoying a strong job market of late, with the unemployment rate hovering at 5.6%, after reaching an all-time low of 5.4% earlier last year. While good news for employees, this environment has tested employers, challenging them to do more to attract and retain top talent. As always, some firms are outpacing the competition. Forbes partnered with market research company Statistic to identify the companies liked best by employees in our annual ranking of Canada’s best employers. The list was compiled by surveying 8,000 Canadians working for businesses with at least 500 employees. Some of the ranked companies have faced allegations of sexual harassment, but it is important to note that their appearance on this list is a reflection of the opinions of those employees who responded to St atistics survey.

The upper echelon of this year’s list is dominated by well-known corporate names, many of them titans of industry such as Google, No. 1 for the third year in a row, and Cisco, up 13 spots to No. 3. But right alongside them is less of a household name, Hydro-Québec. While the Montreal-based government-owned utilities company may not be familiar outside the Great White North, the largest producer of clean energy in North America is certainly known to Canadians, 20,000 of whom call Hydro-Québec their employer. “People are proud to work for our company because of its mission,says Nathalie Dubois, vice president of human resources at Hydro-Québec. “We contribute to the economy and the environment with green energy—it’s something that really glues the team together.

At a time when job seekers are interested in joining organizations known for corporate citizenship, the fact that the Hydro-Québec’s business for the last 75 years has been renewable energy has helped attract top talent. But in today’s competitive labor landscape, no employer can afford to rest on its laurels. Over the course of the past year, Hydro-Québec has invested in improving its candidate experience so that all applicants, whether or not they receive an offer, feel as though the hiring process was productive. “We always make feedback part of the process, and if they still want to be in our pool of candidates, we call them when there’s another position,” says Dominic Roy, human resources services director at Hydro-Québec. When employment opportunities arise, recruiters are required to look to the pool for qualified candidates before going out to market. “It’s good for the candidates, it’s good for us—it’s a win-win.”

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