Resident Evil 2, the complete guide

Resident Evil 2, The Complete Guide 1

There are a lot of great games which are supported with modding, but Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the most popular. The group is out in drone to spin on several levels, especially the main protagonists and the implacable Mr. X. We saw a lot of iterations coming and going so far. Recently, Ciri from the Witcher 3 was replaced by a mod Claire Redfield. A Geralt addition was considered by many to be just right. Ask, you’re going to get. The modder Wiwilz again delivered one of the best Resident Evil installments of the iconic Witcher. It is Leon’s substitute and the perfect addition to the successful Netflix series.

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It is the bittersweet fate of the hit series that of showing your side in discussions and stances that are ever more heated if not poisoned.¬†All the more when you made history … and Resident Evil, history, really knew how to shape it.¬†If you then add the burden of a Capcom often ready to review the structure at the base of the saga, chapter after chapter, then understand the existence of long-standing (and a little cloying) diatribes on what it is and what it should be or not to be the zombie epic par excellence, is reduced to a pure mathematical calculation.

With the¬†Resident Evil 2 remake,¬†the Japanese label tries to satisfy an easy, almost obvious request: done and finished therefore and for a quiet life we ‚Äč‚Äčalso silence the now ancient quarrels about Resident Evil 1.5.¬†Dating back more than twenty years ago, just when Resident Evil 2 first hit stores the one supported, heart in hand, by a slice of players who has always seen in the first two or three chapters the “real” Resident Evil , gradually distorted (according to that “church”) by more purely action game influences starting from the fourth release.

Forcing the hand a little you can easily cut (with the hatchet) the speech by forming two groups: those who remained faithful to the Resident Evil of the PlayStation era, the first, and those who instead have safely experimented and enjoyed also subsequent publications without make it a worry. Until the umpteenth turn, the first-person one of Resident Evil 7. Who can and wants to get on the first team, does not need much to read more about this return of the second episode. It is precisely the Resident Evil 2 that you remember, although it is only roughly similar to the original. But memory plays hallucinating and hallucinating jokes and all in all Capcom has succeeded in a game of prestige not bad: keeping up with fantasies and nostalgia.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are still grappling with the dramatic consequences of Umbrella’s wrongdoings, mentioned in the first release.¬†Raccoon City is on its knees.¬†A substantial chunk of the game comes to life (or not-death) in an unlikely police station that more closely resembles a museum (and indeed …) and the double adventure structure seen in 1998 is replicated. It means that it is tackled the game, at one’s preference, with the blonde recruit on her first day or with the sister of the hero of Resident Evil 1, then continuing with a second turn in the shoes of the other, to insert the missing puzzle pieces (and reposition other theoretically already managed, but oh well).

Here we are.¬†The chapter most loved by fans, is back to scare you in high definition, thanks to a totally renewed technical sector and updated mechanics for the modern market.¬†Resident Evil 2¬†tells of a city, Raccoon City, invaded by horrible creatures and zombies, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield will find themselves, for different reasons, to fight to survive and find out what lies behind the mysterious police station.¬†You can read¬†our review here, while this article will guide you step-by-step through Claire and Leon’s campaigns in both scenarios.¬†Are you ready to face¬†Resident Evil 2¬†and its new horrors?

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