Moving To A New Home? These Garden Fence Ideas Will Keep Your Weekend Busy

Garden Fence Ideas

There is no doubt about the great symbolism of garden fences: white picket fences symbolize abundance and ease. Unlike high-security walls and iron gates, fences are welcoming. They give a family a sense of privacy without an intimidating thought. They are also a lovely addition to a home when done the right way. Garden fences are also an excellent way to protect your plants. Frequently, stray animals can eat them. If you have chickens or ducks roaming around, then fences will keep your vegetables safe. How do you know that you have made an excellent choice for garden fence ideas? You can choose to have a tall, medium, low garden fence from The choice is yours. Below is the list of things to spark your creativity.

High Garden Fences

These garden fence ideas give life and create fashionable fences because they are also ornamental. They are great when you have shrubs or crawling plants that need support. Fences like these are mostly found in tropical regions where climbing plants are abundant. When painted right, they can add extra decor to your garden. You can either have fences of different material to choose from:

  • Bamboo: This type of fencing gives your garden an oriental feel. There are bamboo garden fences that do not need painting. Their beauty can stand on their own. Bamboo fences are also durable as long as they are adequately maintained. They are not expensive, and they are resilient.
  • Wood: These are a common type of fences that have several functions. They can keep the sun out. They can also protect your plants against animal intruder. Wood fences look great when painted the right way. This fencing type is where you can show your creativity. You can either paint them with plain colors or with patterns. Wooden fences are also practical, and you can easily mount cameras with your outdoor lights on them. Thus, this advantage is due to its width and size. They are also great when you want extra hanging plants nailed on them. 
  • Wire: If you want more visibility while protecting your garden, then a wire is a way to go. There are many wire varieties, but they all have one thing in common. They can withstand most natural damage like fire, insects, water, or even storm. Thicker wire fences weigh more. Thus, these are common with the cyclone wire types. Chicken wire is one of the lightest types. They are also easy to install using fewer carpentry materials. Wire fences are also great in assisting your crawling plants.

Medium Garden Fences

These are for those who use fences as both decorative and protective. Medium tall garden fences are also pleasant. It allows for easy interaction between neighbors and bystanders. Medium tall garden fences are economical in terms of material and work. They don’t require too much installation energy. A They can still assist your crawling plants, but their purpose is merely to protect your garden from small animals. Medium garden fences are also classy when you know how to decorate them. 

  • PVC fence: PVC fence, when done right, looks great. It requires little maintenance. They are durable and are excellent in protecting your plants all season. PVC fences can be installed using a bamboo style. It also depends on your preference. Some use wall types where there is no partition. Some prefer having them inches or more apart. There is no standard ‘aesthetic’ when installing PVC fences. However, PVC fences cost less money and can last for a long time. 
  • Aluminium fence: You can install aluminium fences medium or tall. One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to do it is to choose the Japanese design. Aluminium fences are as strong as steel. They don’t rust and are shiny. They are also lightweight, so installing them is not going to be hard. 
  • Vinyl fence: Oh yes, vinyl fence is also the trend. Vinyl is easy to clean and also durable. Because of its lightweight characteristic, installing and changing it is never hard. Vinyl fences are also colorful, so they make a great addition to your garden while protecting it.

Low Garden Fences

Low garden fences are more aesthetic rather than for protection. Their purpose is to designate where the garden starts and where it ends.

  • Chain link fence: The chain link is visually pleasing. These fences are also durable. They are easy to install. Chain links can be in any form. You can get metal or plastic. They also showcase more of your garden because they don’t hinder the scene visually. 
  • Glass rail fence: These fences are purely for aesthetic purposes. They are fragile and are not recommended for children. They aim to showcase your plants more than anything. They also serve as a divider to indicate the beginning and end of the garden. They look right at the light, especially with garden lights.


These garden fence ideas are just a few of the many ideas out there. Thus, you have also to plan before digging your first hole for your fence pole. You can’t just place a garden fence, and it must also coordinate well with the size of your yard. Proper proportioning of space is one of the important factors you need to take note of as well. Hence, if you are starting to grow your garden, then ideas will help you.

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