MS Word Destroys Formatting? Convert Them to PDF

MS Word Destroys Formatting Convert Them to PDF

Microsoft Word is the go-to application for creating documents. We commonly use it to make our assignments, research, reports, and more. However, the Word document isn’t precisely desirable for file sharing. Why? Microsoft Word releases different versions of the software every few years, and not all use the latest version.

As a result, it damages the formatting when you open the file in a different version of Microsoft Word than the version where you’ve created the document. It can be a hassle repositioning and re-editing the texts and images in your Word file.

Converting Word to PDF solves this problem. PDFs don’t damage your document’s formatting, and it also prevents others from editing your file. We will discuss today the other reasons why you should use a converting tool for your Word documents and guide you on how to convert Word to PDF using GogoPDF.

Reasons To Convert Word Documents To PDF

Suppose you’re planning to share your Word document with others for school lessons, work, or other purposes. In that case, it might be advantageous for you to convert them into PDF files first before sharing. If you are looking for OCR PDF online then is the right place to get it done.

Why, you may ask? We have listed the four main reasons below why you should convert Word documents to PDF files.

Avoid damaging the document formatting

Word files such as DOC or DOCX can damage its document formatting like what we have said earlier. This incident often happens when you open the Word file in a different version than the one where you’ve created the document.

It prevents other users from editing the file

One impressive feature of the PDF documents is that it prevents other users from editing the file. The PDF allows you to see the file in a view mode, which is excellent to avoid making unwanted changes in the document.

Sure, there can be some ways of editing PDF documents. It is possible to highlight texts or add images with the help of a PDF editor. Despite that, it is a challenging process, especially for people who are not tech-savvy, so you do not need to worry about it that much.

Small file size

PDF documents are famous for their small file size. It is perfect for users who have insufficient memory on their devices and are looking forward to reducing data consumption in downloading files.

PDFs are also perfect for file sharing since most social media platforms have a file size limit when sharing documents. In most cases, the file size limit is around 25 MB, which might be too small for people planning to send Word documents with lots of pages and photos.

PDF documents are more mobile-friendly than DOC or DOCX files

It may be your first time hearing about this, but you have a bigger chance of opening PDF files on your smartphone without installing an application than the Word documents.

The PDF opens your file automatically in your Google Drive if you don’t have any PDF reader application on your smartphone. However, it is not the case for Word documents as you have to install either Microsoft Word or Google Docs to open DOC and DOCX files.

How To Convert Word Documents To PDF With GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online PDF tool that enables you to view, edit, compress, convert, split, and merge PDF documents in 26 ways. One of the services they offer is the Word document to PDF converter, which lets you transform DOC or DOCX files to PDF for free.

GogoPDF is also excellent for all devices. It is compatible with major computer operating systems and in most browsers. You can even access the website from your smartphone. Thus, the device wouldn’t be an issue when converting Word documents to PDF.

Are you ready? Please follow the steps that we list below to convert Word document files to PDF the right way.

1. Visit GogoPDF’s official website

Begin the process by searching for GogoPDF’s website in your preferred search engine. Select the first website that appears in the search results, and they will redirect you to the site’s homepage.

2. Choose the “Word to PDF” option

On the homepage, look for the “Word to PDF” option and click the box. The website will bring you to a new web page to convert your Word documents to PDF files.

3. Select files from your device

Press the “Select files” button to select the Word document you desire to convert to PDF, or you can drag the file and drop it in the box instead.

It is also possible to select files directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive. So, you do not need to worry about downloading the file from your cloud storage.

4. Wait for GogoPDF to convert your Word document

After selecting the file that you desire to convert into a PDF file, wait for the website to convert your Word document. The process would usually take about a few seconds, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

5. Save the file on your device

To complete the process, click the “Download” button to save the PDF file on your device. You may also upload it directly on your Google Drive or Dropbox if your device has insufficient memory.

Final Words

PDF is the solution to avoid destroying your document’s formatting, prevent others from editing, opening it in a smartphone, and access the file even with a low-memory device.

Thus, learning how to use Word to PDF converters like GogoPDF is essential should you ever want to convert DOC or DOCX files to PDF in the future.

We hope this guide has helped address why converting to PDF is advantageous and has made you learn how to convert documents the right way.

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