PDFBear: The Best Tool to Easily Merge Your Files for Free

The Best Tool To Easily Merge Your Files For Free

Before the pandemic hit various countries and paralyze our movements, a lot of people still chose to do things without the help of online tools.  They tend to do their tasks manually, completely ignoring these tools designed to make their lives a lot easier. I know that it imparts them feelings of joy and satisfaction, but working manually wastes more time and effort.

One of the most ignored features of an online tool before was the merging of PDF files. People used to print the document, rearrange them, scan, and then send them back. But ever since the implementation of work from home and online learning, students are forced to handle multiple PDF files virtually.

If you want to merge these PDF files from your group mates or colleagues, then PDFBear is here to save you. There is nothing to lose when you use this website, you will gain something from it. So, here’s how to do it quickly and for free.

Steps in Merging your PDF files

PDFBear is the easiest and fastest tool to solve the problems you face with PDF. One of its excellent features is the merging of PDF files. This amazing feature allows the use of easy merge PDF. However,  its service is not only limited to merging, it ranges from repairing, converting, unlocking, protecting, and compressing. It provides useful editing and managing tools for PDF documents which makes it one of the best on the web. Unlike other online tools with complex and confusing procedures, this tool is user-friendly as seen from its simple and detailed instructions.

With PDFBear, you only have to follow 4 easy steps to merge multiple files. Here’s how to make use of the PDF merge feature:

1.   Go to the PDFBear website

You have to go to the website using any device and gadget to gain access to its feature. There is no required browser to use but it is best to have a dependable one.

2.   Select PDF files

Drag and drop the files you want to combine. Using this website gives you the power to combine files in different file formats, such as text, png, gif, and others. The process is not complex; you only have to pick the files you intend to merge.

3.   Merge Quickly

After uploading multiple files, you can still modify them by rearranging them in your desired order. After modifying, PDFBear will start combining your files that will last only for a few seconds.

4.   Download the PDF file

After a short time, you can start downloading the PDF file or sharing it on Google drive or dropbox

Advantages of using PDFBear

PDFBear is an online tool that can help you in various ways. When using it,  here are what most people must know about.

1. Accessible anytime and anywhere

PDFBear is a powerful tool to merge your files because accessing this online tool only requires a working internet connection. One of the benefits of an online-based tool is that it saves you from the hassle of installing an application or clicking software updates. You don’t have to go above and beyond when merging your files. Any working device, such as a laptop or mobile phone, can have access to its features.

2. Features a Cloud System

All files you use during the merging process will not occupy any of your computer’s hard drive. So, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of slowing down your computer because of a full hard drive. As you use the website, you will not encounter freezes and crashes. This tool will make your experience of merging and saving your work as smooth as possible.

3. Free and Convenient PDF merger

Accessing PDFBear will not require you to avail of a monthly subscription. There is a free version of this online tool that you can take advantage of. You don’t have to run a complicated command to combine PDFs. Technologically-challenged and close-fisted people are the ones most attracted to this tool.

Unlike PDFBear, other online tools would make their users pay for the service they rendered, yet can’t offer a variety of editing functions.

Why Merging Files is Necessary?

The easiest solution in handling multiple files is to combine them into one PDF document. This prevents you from ending up not knowing the proper sequence of the files.

There are online platforms that prohibit sending multiple files because they implement a one-file limit. Suppose you are to apply for a scholarship, and it requires you to submit curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, and a copy of grades. If they only need one file attachment, how will you send it without merging your documents through PDFBear, right?

Lastly, merging files increase your efficiency and productivity since you don’t have to waste your time searching for a specific document. Is it safe to say that it’s one of the best innovations humans have ever made?


With this website, you don’t need to use several programs to edit and manage PDF files. All functions you are looking for are already in this tool. Combining and editing your files would not be complete without it.

PDFBear gives you an unlimited capability to merge, rotate, repair, convert, compress, and split your PDF files without struggling. It can solve your issues with your PDF document by just following a few easy steps. The best thing about it is that all the mentioned features are available for free. Are you ready for a life that is more organized and productive when working? Then, this is the time for you to utilize this website!

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