Must-Have Celebrity Bobbleheads That You Definitely Need

Must-Have Celebrity Bobbleheads That You Definitely Need

Must-Have Celebrity Bobbleheads That You Definitely Need

Bobbleheads are known by many names throughout the globe, like nodders or even wobblers. They are all the same; A bobblehead is simply a doll with an enlarged head attached to its body, that nods its head from side to side. And of these, celebrity bobbleheads are the cream of the crop.

The reason why celebrity bobbleheads are popular is mainly because of their fans. They feel some sort of a huge connection with their celebs which makes them adore a lot. And the next big thing is that these cute dolls are small and compact and they can take them anywhere they want to like their offices and other stuff. You can even have custom bobbleheads tailored to your liking from sites like Modern Bobbleheads, that can help you create exact mini-replicas of yourself. You can check them out by heading to the website, but if you need to know which celebrity bobbleheads to get for yourself, read on to find out.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of those many actors who gives his best in acting towards all of his movies and inspires us through his great roles. His career started with a movie called Nightmare on Elm Street in the year 1984 which was such a big hit. And did many movies later after that which were all so good and interesting to watch. But the role he played in the movie called Edwards Scissorhands earned him so much of popularity. His fan base started growing in a huge number. Johnny Depp is an actor who could play any hard role and easily adapt to it in no matter of time. So his bobblehead became popular in a small amount of time.

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Angelina Jolie 

Angelina Jolie is a popular actress but she isn’t famous just because of her stunning looks but also for her remarkable acting skills which she portrays in all types of movies. But from the movie Maleficent she gained more popularity and her fans loved this role of her and adored her even more. Her bobblehead from the movie Maleficent is a big trend among her fans and people loved it so much.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter series is quite famous and many people love this book and even the movie series. Emma Watson gained her name from this movie where she delivered a remarkable performance and people liked her so much for it. She did justice to the role and made quite a name for herself. The bobblehead of this character was a huge trend and people still buy the doll as she has a huge number of fans from the beginning.

The Rock 

Dwayne Johnson also is known as the Rock is quite famous when he started his career from wrestling and became popular worldwide also many times WWE champion. He became more popular among the fans when he won the title championship after defeating Steve Austin in Smackdown. After that, he decided to pursue his career in acting. He gave several super hits and earned more and more fame from it. He already had his bobblehead dolls when he was in wrestling and after his movies were a big hit his bobblehead dolls made a great trend among the fans.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is an actor with astonishing looks and fabulous acting skills. If you were to ever notice in his movies you know that his roles are always unique and he plays them with such diligence that his acting skills will seem natural. He became more famous when he was consecutively the sexiest man alive in the years 1995 and 2000. After that from the movie Ocean’s Eleven, Troy and many other movies. But his bobblehead version from the movie Fight Club was the trendiest one as his role was so good.  

Scarlett Johnson 

Scarlett is a beautiful actress with extraordinary skills to learn and adapt to any role she wants. She is talented and above all blends into any type of role. But the movie black widow is the famous role of hers which gained her a lot of fans and attention. This role made her first debut in the movie Iron Man 2 from where she gets a lot of fans. The Russian assassin with great martial art skills and talent she portrayed in the role was admired and appreciated by all of the fans. The bobblehead version of this role was a great hit and people loved the role of it. 


Heath Ledger is one of the many talented and greatest actors of all time. Though his time was short in this world yet the role he played will live long among the fans. His legacy begins from the movie The Dark Knight and continues to live on among his fans. His performance was the best of all. He prepared himself so much for the role that he had locked himself up in a room so that he could dive deep into the role of this movie. The bobblehead version of the joker is the most trendy among all and people still buy this bobblehead as his fans are still growing up to this date.

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