Conducting Computer Based Test in A Genuine Manner

Conducting Computer Based Test in A Genuine Manner

Conducting Computer Based Test in A Genuine Manner

Today, many exams are conducted online due to the spread of coronavirus. The process of conducting online classes is much easier than conducting conventional exams. But the examiners should conduct it in a smarter way. Both, the students and the examiners need not go to the physical examination centre. They can save their travelling costs and time. The examiners need not set a question paper because the software is automated to conduct exams. So, different students solve different types of questions. The computer based test can be conducted to the students living in remote areas also. But, the examiners should be careful while conducting online tests. The students should not be able to copy from various online sources. They can open the links and find the answers to the questions. 

Assessment platform for students 

Examinations should be conducted in a secure manner and the students should honestly answer the questions. When traditional examination is conducted, the students can copy the answers from their partners. They can secretly maintain a book to view the answers. For online examination, although they cannot view the answers of their friends, they can open various links or sites. So, software is installed in the system during examination. They use AI based tools to detect if the students are cheating during the examination. 

Features of online examination 

The examiners should configure the online examinations.  Although, supervisors are not available, the process of online invigilation takes place as the online supervisor is able to view the student sitting on the seat. So, if the student tries to deviate from the screen, then they send a warning notification to the student. They conduct proctoring online to view if the student is honestly answering the questions. The system of grading is also automatic. In this process, the online examiners also cannot perform any fraudulent practices. Otherwise, the traditional examiners may allocate better grades or scores to the students who are known to him.  The computer based test is conducted for the students who are studying advanced courses or appearing for the competitive exams. The system of grading is also automatic. Different AI-powered tools are available to conduct secure virtual examinations. 

To prevent fraudulent practices during the examination, they undertake the following steps:

Candidate Authentication 

The examiners should ensure that the candidate appearing for the examination is genuine. Some other candidate can also undertake the test. So, they use the authentication software to ensure that the candidate appearing for the examination is genuine. The image is stored into the software and when the candidate mentions his ID or name, his/her image appears on the screen. The software consists of a camera system to capture the image of the person. Then, the computer assesses both the images to ensure that they match each other. 

Safe exam browser

They use the safe browser system is used to prevent candidates from accessing the internet. They cannot open any link from any source nor open any site also. But, yet they can open certain features that are essential to them during examination. 

AI based and human based proctoring 

The supervisors can also access the behavior of the candidate online. If the student is trying to deviate from the screen constantly or is behaving in an unusual way, then the supervisors can send a notification to the candidate. They conduct proctoring to view the suspicious activities of the students. 

Although the students cannot view any links from any sites, but they can still verify their emails. If they buy the advanced level package, then they can also view or record any images. 

Many institutes are conducting the SAAS online test from any anywhere and this system is used to automate the examination system of school, colleges or any larger universities. The examiners can use the online testing software to create online exams anytime. Using this software, the examiners can also conduct online tests anytime. They can create test selecting the questions from the question banks. When they create questions, then they can schedule date for the examination. Sometimes, they import different questions from software such as Microsoft word, etc. 

When the test is ready, then the test is scheduled time and date. The students can log in to their account and find information. Using other tools such as Microsoft, the examiners can also add names for various batches and send SMS notification to them. They send notification to their account, when they create their ID. They record the images of the students so that they do not cheat during the examination time. They activate the feature of face detection to prevent any fraudulent practice. During the examination time, they can get the ID of the students and can verify the students appearing for the examination. 

They use different assessment tools to record information about students during the examination. They can analyse the records of the students exporting different types of reports. They provide detailed analysis for the test conducted. They can also provide detailed analysis for the test conducted and also can compare the performance with other students. The online examiners can prepare the online test reports. The examiners can carefully examine the right and wrong answers and carefully evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. The software contains some of the powerful features such as Question Bank Management, Exam Management, User Management, powerful result analytics, study materials etc. 

The online test software supports for operation of some features to conduct online examination. It consists of various features to conduct examination effectively. They can import data from various sources to prepare a question paper. Some of the important Question Bank Management is descriptive text attachment, and URLs, multiple choice questions, matrix matches etc. Some of the exam management features are mock tests, exam tests, support users for defining sequence tests, subjective essay questions, face detection, features for testing audio and video tests, etc. Some of the exam management features are essay questions, shuffle options, features for protected test of the password, face detection and remote proctoring, etc. it supports for various other features such as sequence tests, random question tests, define sequence test, etc. These assessment tools are used to conduct exams successfully and also to analyse the reports of the students. 

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