Mycall Obas on How to Defy the Odds

Mycall Obas

Mycall Obas on How to Defy the Odds

Mycall Obas is a Haitian-American hip hop artist. His motto is “Only Believers Achieve Success” and he says one if his biggest goals is to inspire young people to believe in themselves.  Obas has a difficult childhood, battling poverty and life in Haiti.  Over the past couple of months, Obas has been featured in online magazines, giving his top tips about the music industry and how to overcome obstacles. Obas has been in the music industry professionally since 2005.

His music video BLOCK STARS hit hundreds of thousands of listens and streams within the first couple months. Obas says one of the greatest lessons he’s ever learned is perseverance and to keep going in the face of adversity. He’s most proud of his recent project entitled “Greatness”, which consists of 13 songs he recorded, mixed and mastered by himself.  “These songs touched on a series of topics that are important to me,” says Obas.  From family to love, entrepreneurship, growth and leadership, Obas is driven to drive people to achieve success and greatness.

When we asked Obas how he managed to overcome adversity and defy the odds, he said it was all about willpower. Every day, Obas says he wakes up and wills himself to be as successful as possible. One of his missions is to leave behind a legacy for his children so they never have to struggle like he did. Obas says the music industry is about overcoming adversity and competition on a regular basis. “You have to have an insane amount of push. You need to keep going,” says Obas. Obas says it’s one fan at a time, one block at a time. Family values are important to Obas, as well as caring for friends and neighbors. “To defy the odds, you need to have laser-like focus”, says Obas. “It’s going to take a lot of work, but you can’t let that stop you.” He says one of the reasons a lot of people fail to conquer obstacles is because they fail to go in.

“You need to go all in with whatever it is you do,” says Obas. “That’s especially true for the music industry because of how competitive it is.” Obas says everybody is vying for success in the music industry, pushing for attention and doing everything they can to build an audience. Another skill Obas learned from an early age was how to market him.

That’s one of the reasons he did so well in the Connecticut battle rap scene. He had the concrete skills to beat his competition, but he also had the ability to market himself and get in front of audiences.

One of Obas’ main goals is to help people overcome challenges so they can help themselves and then help other people. He says it’s also important to be aware of your thought patterns as a person.

“You need to avoid negative thinking, because thoughts have a way of manifesting themselves,” says Obas.

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