What You Get When Insured!

What You Get When Insured!

You Must know exactly What You Get, When Insured!

Off-piste skiing is becoming more popular every year. But travel insurance often does not reimburse the costs of accidents when skiing off-piste. Even if you have additional winter sports coverage. This is because off-piste skiers and snowboarders run greater risks of falls than people who stay within the slopes. Insurers that do offer cover for off-piste skiing usually set extra safety requirements for this. Are you going on a winter sport? Then wrongly chosen travel insurance can cost you a lot of money.

Various insurance policies

You can insure yourself in various ways during winter sports. For example, regular basic health insurance offers reimbursement of emergency help abroad, but only up to the Dutch rate. However, in winter sports accidents high extra costs can arise that you have to pay yourself. Even when skiing on the slopes. If, for example, you have to be removed from the slopes after an accident with a special stretcher, then your costs will quickly rise to a few hundred euros. Ambulance transport and treatments in private clinics can easily cost you a few thousand euros. In many winter sports areas transport and handling rates are far above the Dutch. A rescue campaign with a helicopter can give you a bill of up to 10 thousand euros. Most of these costs are not covered by the basic insurance or regular travel insurance. You need additional winter sports coverage for this. But with that you are usually only insured within the piste.

The Burkholz Insurance Agency is opening in Las Vegas Nevada. They present themselves as a premier insurance company in Las Vegas Nevada with several companies that will entice customers to cheaper prices. With many laws in Las Vegas changing prices and affecting the way insurance companies change their premiums, The Burkholz Insurance Agency boasts the freedom to be able to provide several companies they are able to work with to provide cheaper pricing to customers. How can that be beatable? Very difficult with the freedom of 10 plus companies at their disposal.

The Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association (NKBV) see the popularity of off-piste skiing increasing every year. Are you going skiing outside the pasted? Then it is wise to take a good look at your winter sports coverage. With more than half of the travel insurance policies, the winter sports coverage expires if you go skiing or snowboarding off-piste. About a third still offers coverage, but this is often limited and additional conditions apply, such as:

For the adventurous winter sports enthusiast who likes to go off-piste independently, these conditions can be an obstacle. Are you considering starting such savings insurance yourself, but you are not sure which one? Various financial institutions have already announced the annual results of their branch 21 savings insurance policies in recent weeks. That can already help you make a good choice.

To summarize:  a savings insurance policy , also referred to as branch 21, is a life insurance policy with which you save safely and are certain of a predetermined return. In addition, an annual profit sharing may be for pension savings, this is 8% calculated on a notional capital. If you have not listed the deposits for your branch 21 insurance as pension savings or long-term savings on your tax return and you request your money back during the first eight years of your insurance contract, you will pay 30% withholding tax on the interest.

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