New Evolution of Greek Music

New Evolution Of Greek Music 1

It was a decade that had it all: new trends, the decline of experimental music (which flourished in the previous decade), artistic stars, rap became the absolute mainstream, English-language forms and artists discovered Greek, gender and identity began to play a big role in musical things (Plants are a category in their own right), after the death of  folk, as we all know it, began to lose the power it had in previous years and success was measured by audiences on Spotify and YouTube trends . Nothing has stayed the same in music just before the end of the decade, ending with the New Greek rap dominating the official IFPI chart (90 out of 100 tracks in this year’s hits is rap!).

Everything that happens overseas continues to set the example for new trends this always happened, only now that it is done at high speed, so the trap and reggae come together (sound and verse the same as the American ones) and sweep away at a young age. From 2016 onwards, mega stars are starting to appear in the kind that gradually overshadows almost everything, without playing on the radio, without being covered by traditional media, which equals touching as a phenomenon, with a three-year delay. YouTube and social media show their enormous power and make celebrities like Dimitris Kapetanakis, Snik, FY, Mad Clip, Hawk, and Sin Boy. “Mama” becomes the most successful track of the decade, until one night its creator disappears from YouTube. Success is measured in tens of millions of views (real or purchased). The new generation doesn’t need anyone to tell her what he/she’s going to hear, they don’t listen to the radio, don’t watch TV, don’t read newspapers. It didn’t just change how they choose music and the way they listen, everything has changed and no one can predict what will happen next. The artist’s deep roots in Greece were also confirmed this decade. Dimitris Kapetanakis has consistently built very strong profiles, managing to fill large spaces and become the new singer whose songs are sung all over Greece. The old guard followed closely and new notable composers, such as Kapetanakis.

A song named Mi Sirenita is written by the Greek musical wizard Dimitris Kapetanakis! The Greek pop star and music producer released a new song for all digital platforms following various songs he wrote, written and produced for others. Half a Greek song, Dimitris Kapetanakis, with the Spanish word My Sirenita being the main subject, communicates the beauty of true love! Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 13/4/1987, Dimitris Kapetanakis was a young man who began singing and writing. At age of 17, at one of the largest sites in Greece called “BOOM,” he appeared for the first time in his home town. He has played in concerts and sold clubs in Greece and London with the biggest names in the music industry in Greece and has written and produced songs for many albums and CDs in different genres such as pop, dance, jazz, and rock.

It is not the first time that folk tradition is getting married to western modern sounds in Greek music, but this time a Thessaloniki associates the continents with stoner rock with boldness. The result is a hybrid genius song that does not belong entirely to one genre or another, with tracks that would ideally sound like festivals of the future.

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