Meat fat analyzer

Meat fat analyzer 1

The Meat Fat Analyzer is the ideal solution for the routine analysis of the main quality parameters during meat processing, sausage and pet food production.

In meat processing, the meat analyzer allows multicomponent analysis of important parameters such as water, fat, protein, collagen and ash content in a few seconds. Therefore, the production process can be closely monitored by analyzing samples from any stage of the production line, without preparing samples and using reagents or other consumables. The precise quality information available immediately allows for better process control and, therefore, greater product performance with always good product quality. If you want to determine the quality of the raw material delivered, when you cut for standardization of grease or individual production batches, the meat fat analyzer instantly provides you with the information you need.

Whether raw, cured or half-cooked sausage and ham products, the measuring device validated within the world food and feed and accredited for routine use, allows for Intensive optimization of the process under technological and economic aspects. Animal feed products (wet pet food) with a water content of up to 85%, a protein content of less than 2% or a wide range of ash content can be tested with the measuring device also validated in the food and power supply and accredited for routine use.

The robust design of the analyzer allows flexible installation both in the laboratory and directly in the production process, where temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust and shock have no effect on the accuracy and long-term stability of the measurements. Thanks to the integrated web server, analytical values, batch protocols and trend diagrams are immediately available on the company’s own network and, if desired, directly in the cloud or on production servers for further processing or display.

On top of that, the DSC Meat Fat Analyzer is a very profitable analyzer system. The rent your laboratory initiative of dscbalances shows attractive leasing conditions that can be customized according to your needs. DSC offers fresh, pure ground meat Fat Testers which comply with the approved AOAC procedure. DSC’s optical fat tester, which is proprietary, prevents human error when interpreting the analog drip process in Univex and Hobart. The DSC fat testers calculate fat from 1% lean to 99% fat, with a precision of 0.5% fat. The internal QA strategy complies with glass-free versions. I is Ideal for hamburger and ground pork and beef fat calculation. A separate computer kit for measuring fat with the same digital precision is available on poultry. The complete laboratory application provides technical support and determination of parameters. A complete line of accessories is available from DSC including aluminum covers, printers and sample pads.

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