The Heroes of the Storm Patch has been delayed due to an error

The Heroes Of The Storm Patch Has Been Delayed Due To An Error 1

The next patch for Heroes of the Storm is delayed, and here we tell you the reasons. Recently Blizzard has reported here that they have found an unexpected error in the patch that should have arrived tonight, thus delaying until December 4 at 5 p.m. PST.

Blizzard also apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks us for our understanding.

As you know there is an important fact in the aspect of the Blizzard updates, and in some cases, as is World of Warcraft, the same schedule is not always shared with other regions, thus being the closest cultural level in America and Europe, where there are various changes in this aspect. It is something to be thankful that each region maintains its own schedule according to the hours of more activity; usually these updates happen during the early morning. In this case the delay is accentuated until one more day, being the morning of the following day, since the 17 PST is 2:00 in GMT + 1, Central European time, typical of peninsular Spain and 1:00 in the Islands Canary Islands.

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The changes that will appear in the patch:

But this patch can already be seen in the region of America and here you have the most important changes, although you can read it completely in Blizzard:

  • First anomaly in the link, the spheres of experience is added, lasting 6 seconds and granting 80 experiences. They will approach the allied hero, as long as he is not hidden or in stealth. This change will be valued throughout the patch and it will be seen whether it is maintained or not.
  • In the storm league team leaders will be chosen for the highest rank. Players with a Master or higher rank may only enter with another Master or higher player and both must be within the range of 5000 points. And only players, who are positioning, can play with others in the same state.
  • The winter event missions for toys that will take place from December 16 to February 3 are added. And the loot chests will be new toy loot chests.
  • Artificial Intelligence has been improved, to improve the defense or attack of the lanes. Non-players will not be aware of the status of the mercenary camps they do not see and will value much more avoid dragging them.
  • The long-awaited hero arrives Deathwing the Destroyer, which could be tested during the Blizzcon and users who bought the virtual ticket will have it added to their palette of heroes.
  • New articles will be added and as many return to the Collection as new aspects for Deathwing , Alafeliz the Destroyer, Mefisto Cosquillas, Qhira cosmonaut. New mounts will appear as the toy train, galactic lion, melancholy stuffed unicorn, etc.
  • Changes in the Lost Vikings heroes, increases health, health regeneration and damage of the basic attacks of the three characters; Viking ship damage is also improved but the stun duration will be reduced. While the hero Mephisto is updated different talents in the different levels of progression of the hero.
  • Bug fixes in Temple Celeste and Alamanegra Bay with low graphics settings. The mistakes with the heroes Genji, Nova and Samuro have also been fixed. Unexpected closures and flickering effects have been corrected by Mac users.

On the other hand we leave you here an article directly related to Deathwing with interesting data about its price, and that is that despite the patch of Heroes of the Storm that has been delayed, there are still other types of novelties for the game, not everything is bad news. And on the latter, remember that you have our website to find them.

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