NewFlo Brody is ready to bring in a unique style into the Hip Hop music scene

Newflo Brody Is Ready To Bring In A Unique Style Into The Hip Hop Music Scene 1

NewFlo Brody is ready to bring in a unique style into the Hip Hop music scene

Being a passionate and charismatic artist and having a unique approach to hip-hop, NewFlo Brody has been driven and zealous about music from a very young age. He is from Brooklyn, New York. With his quirky music style, NewFlo Brody has been stealing the hearts of the listeners since the day he started making music. He tends to attract all sorts of the audience but peculiarly, he is more popular among the younger section because of his in-your-face attitude, relatable melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, which everyone enjoys tuning in to.

NewFlo Brody’s recently released EP “It’s been a While” in this year, 2020, is especially loved and appreciated by the listeners from all across the state. His fans are showering his songs with support and admiration. This EP is a beautiful collection of 6 great songs that are groovy and captivating. NewFlo Brody is nothing like other people his age. He believes in hustle and hard work, and he doesn’t sit still until he has achieved all that he desires. The EP “It’s Been a While” is a perfect example of his hustle. Where other people are unable to find the motivation to do daily chores in the time of the pandemic, NewFlo Brody, somehow managed to create an entire EP and release it. He is an inspiration for the youth and motivates them with his hard work to move forward in life and get the work done, despite all the difficulties that are coming through our way in life. Life is full of challenges; after all, we have to face these challenges with courage, determination, and an “in-your-face” attitude, just like NewFlo Brody.

NewFlo Brody has mastered the art of blending different sounds of his own and he creates music that falls somewhere in between the warmth of the old school and the punch of trap. He is a skilful American rapper, who has an undying love for music and basketball, and he excels at both of them. NewFlo Brody wants to create the kind of music that is fresh, and at the same time reminds the listeners of the golden era of hip-hop, by mixing the smooth New York flow with a hint of Southern rap to his music. This unique combination has led Brody to achieve a different sound of his own, that not many artists his age can do.

“I am inspired by the likes of Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Jeezy, and Rick Ross. I was first exposed to recording music professionally, when I, along with a friend went to a studio in Miami. This eventually led up to me shooting my first music video in 2007”, says NewFlo Brody, telling about his musical inspiration.

NewFlo Brody is the kind of person who is completely dedicated to the things he loves, and music happens to be at the top of this list. His passion for music has made him the great artist that he is today and he only plans to move ahead and never look back. With all the love and support from his fans, he is certain to achieve all the goals that he so desires.

In NewFlo Brody’s words “I want to take my fans to a place they could forget about things they stress over and just enjoy the music.”

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