Online Roulette Strategy Systems – How To Win At Online Casinos

How To Win At Online Casinos

In this article, you will find a handful of information about the online roulette system and strategy. If you’ve made it this far, this fun casino game with the spinning golden wheel has certainly piqued your interest. By learning some Roulette strategies, you will soon realize that, although the game is entirely based on luck, there is always an advantage for those who do not play, just trusting in luck.

Why do we say this? As with any game of chance, the more you analyze the risk factors, the odds of winning, the variability of results, the moves or techniques of other players, and the (almost always obligatory) actions of the dealer, the more you can. To better manage a game while minimizing losses.

Roulette systems

Before exposing the best-known betting systems for Roulette, French and American, we must make a necessary and necessary premise: there are no methods and systems that can guarantee winnings, the dealer, even in apparently 50/50 bets, always has a house edge, and the following systems could only be successful if you had an unlimited playing budget. This is not possible.

The house’s advantages are indisputable (of 0 in French Roulette and 00 in American Roulette), so the following strategies and systems are intended to be indicative. However, above all, in some cases, we advise against the use of these methods as they are costly, in the long run, and risky.

Having made the necessary premise and reiterating the advice to always play with small budgets, a complete list of slot machine betting systems and related explanations follows.

Roulette betting systems

Biloxi system

A simple strategy was created to convert winning bets by covering two columns and different numbers following a predetermined strategy.

This system requires 6 tokens to be placed on the first and third columns. One will then have to put one on the line between 0 and 00, one between 8 and 11, one between 17 and 20 and one between 26 and 29. It is clear that the chances of victory are several.

Column system

A system that requires some training and running-in will be necessary to note the game’s progress to apply to bets with high payout percentages.

Dozen system

A simple betting system whose name speaks for itself: you have to bet on the dozen or 12 numbers simultaneously.

Dozens pay 3: 1, a method that will not make you very rich in a short time but that indeed, in the long run, can bring great results and an increase in the bankroll.

Zero system (French Roulette)

It may seem like a crazy bet and pure gamble, but not if you combine it with secondary strategies—a system that could win a lot in the long run and be used with caution.

Repetition system dozens and columns

This system requires you to bet on a dozen and one column at the last number on the wheel.

For example, if it comes out on 27, we will have to bet on the third dozen and consequently on the third column.

Paroli system

A classic among roulette betting systems. The system is quite simple and consists of playing three consecutive strokes without withdrawing the winnings, then re-betting the winnings. For use in Black / Red, Pass / Do not pass bets.

Labouchere system

The Labouchere system is also known as the erasing system and offers numerous variations.

The simpler variant wants the player to establish a series of numbers, such as 1 2 3 4 5 6, which can be longer or shorter and not necessarily sequential.

Each number in the sequence indicates the amount of units to bet, and the bet is made with the first and last number of the sequence.

If you win, you bet with the following numbers in the sequence (2 and 5 in our case). If you win, you play the following numbers (2 and 3), and so on.

Martingale system

This system involves doubling a bet after a loss and an initial stake after a win.

If you bet € 2 and lose on the next hand, you should bet € 4 if you win and continue with € 2.

Fibonacci system

The Fibonacci betting system uses a mathematical sequence created by Leonardo Pisano, nicknamed Fibonacci.

In this sequence, the next number in the sequence is the sum of the two previous numbers, so the operation wants us to start with 1 and then proceed as follows – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610 etc.

Why Play Online Roulette with Strategy

In a certain sense, a game at the Casino tables can be compared to a walk outdoors. If we start with a short-sleeved shirt, regardless of the weather, it is likely that we will find ourselves at the mercy of events during our trip.

If it starts to rain, we will not know how to shelter ourselves from the rain, wind and cold. If, on the other hand, we stop to check the weather forecast by putting an umbrella, a jacket and a drink in our backpack, we will be able to enjoy the trip by any means possible despite the unexpected events that may occur regardless of our choices.

This is why it is right to see Roulette’s game (like all the others) from every point of view so, once you have analyzed the characteristics, you can acquire more determination and can play with greater awareness.

How to succeed at online Roulette

Our game lovers have studied all of the Roulette tactics found online and have applied several of them. We conducted it for ourselves and our fun. Around the same time, this method tells one a lot about maximizing the performance r ate in Roulette. Now let’s discuss the first steps in playing and winning at online Roulette


Set your budget

To decide a budget, it is important, at first, to determine what the budget would be. We will never tire of assuring you of the importance of any single item. If you are a casino fan, you’ll pay more for a less appealing game than for a more attractive game.

Suppose you decide what the maximum safe number is. In that case, you can understand it is the ultimate limit you can enable yourself to fail. This way, you won’t miss losing the game, and you won’t be distraught by the defeat. On the opposite, by not preparing a budget, you could regret having invested so much money on anything you thought to be enjoyable.

Roulette strategy: dominate the instincts; play cunningly

We recognize that Roulette is a game of luck, that it is all dependent upon random chance and that the outcome coincides with the turn of the wheel. This ensures the ball will fall somewhere on the wheel, which means that if you have a decent amount, you will gain as well as you lose.

To achieve the highest performance, we urge you to indulge in “thinking for the long haul”.

Players also up the ante in the first round since they have won. Instead of dominating instinct and emotions, one should be able to master one’s instincts and emotions. Therefore, strive to retain your composure and use this method:

Step # 1 – To play the draw and gamble on either amount simultaneously, for example, 1 to 12 or 25 to 36.

Step # 2 – Put odds at the minimum bet spread. When you win, gamble the same amount. If you lose the same amount if you want to bet again, lift the ante without increasing the stakes.

Step # 3 – would have to be the winning move, but the next bet would have to be tiny. Must pay 3 to 1. The budget you have to deal towards is optimistic, however.

Double or not-double?

In our experience, double your stakes after a big win are dangerous, so we advise you to play with low stakes and double your stakes only after big wins that encourage you not to go pessimistic.

Based on our experience, on a 10-out-of-10 scale, the probability of winning using this strategy is 9 out of 10. Since it is gambling, it is difficult to guarantee the win, so it would be simpler to control the gaming expenditure. You might gain approximately 30/100 (or 30/100 of a euro) benefit by playing Roulette carefully.

Try the free roulette game

Before making a bet, we suggest playing the free versions of each online. It is necessary to pursue as many various Online Roulette solutions as possible to ensure you have the greatest probability of being fulfilled. This will help you keep track of the bets and discover how unpredictable the outcomes turn out.

When you are optimistic, but particularly if you understand the best approach suits you, it would be preferable to bet real money.

Play Online Roulette with Bonuses

Another way to play online Roulette intelligently, especially if you are a beginner, is to use casinos’ best bonuses. Bonuses are free credits that allow the player to try online Roulette without spending the money from his gaming account.

It can be handy for new players to take advantage of the no deposit bonus, a promotion reserved for those who sign up for the first time at a certain virtual casino.

Again, this is a virtual credit, and you cannot collect real money unless you first play the amount obtained a certain number of times. Sometimes this number can be x40, so we recommend using the bonus just for fun and to learn the rules of the roulette versions you are interested in.

Bonuses allow you to have fun at the online casino and try all roulette versions for free (apart from the live version) with a chance to win real money if luck is on your side.

Trust only reputed online casinos

Gambling involves both good personal skills and a great deal of luck. Don’t be fooled by sites that promise constant winnings or sites that offer foolproof ways to win easily. The only reliable sites where you can play for real money are those regulated by your jurisdiction regulations.

Playing Roulette on legal sites means playing with products created only by the world’s best game makers. Thanks to these enthusiastic and expert teams, sites can guarantee such a high quality of play. It is only on these sites that we are guaranteed that the result generator is not rigged in any way.

Another very important strategy to play and win genuinely is choosing only licensed online casinos. The fun will certainly be guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions about online Roulette

What is the best online roulette game technique?

Being a game based mainly on luck, no technique can guarantee a win. However, we advise you to bet small amounts of money and only double after numerous successes and not double when you lose, as some sites recommend. The doubling technique is always hazardous.

Is it possible to play with Bonuses and win real money at Roulette?

Yes, thanks to the best online casinos’ bonuses, it is possible to try different spins on various Roulette, remembering to check each bonus’s terms before starting.

Is it possible to play Roulette online for free to hone the game before depositing real money?

Yes, the European online casinos with a regular license offer this possibility precisely to facilitate novice players by allowing them to test their skills on all games (not valid for Live games, they require a mandatory deposit).

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