Orlando Dermatology Clinics Report Coronavirus Rash and Red Toes Symptoms

Covid toes

Orlando Dermatology Clinics Report Coronavirus Rash and Red Toes Symptoms

Today, when you walk into any Orlando Dermatology Clinic with an unexplainable rash, do not be surprised if the doctors carry out a coronavirus test on you. Well, you might be questioning the credibility of the circumstances, but you must know that there have been some cases of CoronaVirus rash being seen in some patients.

One of the types of rashes being seen that has made the most waves is the CoronaVirus toes. This rash appears on the toes and heel areas, and it is scientifically known as Acral Ischemia. The rash looks similar to the chicken-pox rash, raised and has a purple hue on white skin that appears quite similar to frostbite.

Another kind of rash is the Morbilliform which appears to look like the measles rashes. Then there is nettle rash or the Urtartia that looks like red bumps on the skin. There is also the Vesicular which present as itchy, painful blisters that seem to have trapped fluid under the swelling. Then lastly there is the Petechial which appears as a result of bleeding under the skin and the Livedo Reticularis that are net-like purple discolourations mostly on the legs.

How do the rashes present like?

There is no one set form or way the rashes manifest, and that is why any Orlando Dermatology Clinic cannot make a conclusive remark about the CoronaVirus rash. They may appear from head to toe, on the specific body areas only as in the case of the C oronaVirus toes, like hives, blisters or eruptions. And that makes dermatologists all over the globe wonder if there is anything more that they can do.

Is there any cure?

Studies are underway, and until there is one known cure, patients are being advised on avoiding fabrics that may irritate the skin like wool and other synthetic materials made with chemicals that are bad for the skin. Secondly, you are advised to get some sun in as much as there are social distancing measures and curfews across the world. Stepping out to basking on sunlight or getting the beam that peeps into your apartment is undoubtedly not a crime. Lastly, you are also urged to hydrate, eat right and exercise on top of taking care of your skin to avoid these said rashes.

Bottom Line

If you happen to have any of the above rashes, do not panic, but instead see a doctor about it. It may just be your gym pants irritating your skin or the new lotion you have just started using. In these trying times, it is best to keep calm and wait and seek medical attention if you suspect anything out of the ordinary. Remember, you may have the virus as an asymptomatic carrier with a  CoronaVirus rash, but do not self diagnose, walk into a Dermatology clinic and get it checked out. In the current state of affairs, it is better safe than sorry. We are not leaving anything to chance. We are dealing with facts and facts only!

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